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23 All About Me Activities for Middle School Students

The college years are usually tough, so finding ways to get to know your students is really important! With students at this age, it is best to try to think outside the box. Engage them with fun activities during the first few weeks of school to help them build relationships. There are many ways to integrate the curriculum with these activities, such as creative writing activities and school math ideas. Enjoy this list of 23 inspiring ideas with your middle schoolers!

1. The best part of me

It’s a great alternative to the same old, what’s your favorite color or favorite food writing activity? This is where students choose the best part of themselves, write down why, and include a photo. It’s a great way to get to know students and encourage them to find out how they see themselves.

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2. All About My Selfie Writing Activity

This is a creative twist on a traditional writing activity for elementary or middle school students. Students will draw a selfie, or even print a photo, and write about themselves. It’s a great option for the first few weeks of school or even as a reflective activity throughout the year.

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3. Break the ice

Icebreakers are a great option for the start of the school year. This cool icebreaker is a good one to use as it will get students moving and mingling with everyone! They have to search for students who fit the category of what they are looking for and speak with many different students in the process.

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4. All About Me Bag

Swap the writing prompts for something a little more creative, like this All About Me bag activity. These can also serve as great icebreakers in the classroom and provide students with a way to connect with each other. others and to create links on similar preferences.

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5. Digital collages

Creating digital collages allows students to relax and open up about what they love and enjoy doing. The digital version of the collage is a great way for students to gain more experience in the digital world while using digital resources.

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6. All About Me Partner Chats

Discussions between partners are an underestimated resource in the classroom. Instead of a traditional writing prompt, use these in-person discussions to allow students to interact with each other. They can talk about themselves and ask their partner to introduce them to the rest of the class.

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7. I wish my teacher knew…

This writing activity will create a classroom community by strengthening your bond with your students. This is a great idea to use with shy students. They can write down things they would like their teacher to know. It is a humble and interesting activity.

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8. All About Me “I” Version

Getting students to reflect on themselves is always an interesting task. Asking them to write words to describe themselves can be difficult for them. Help students use a thesaurus and get creative with words that help paint a picture of themselves.

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9. Unlock Box Activity

Turn learning activities into a fun game. Have the groups play against each other and write clues about themselves and have the teacher guess the correct group to unlock the box. It will be fun to watch the students keep a secret until the truth is revealed!

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10. List of my favorites

This can be modified to be more suitable for college, but the basis of the activity will remain the same. Create a simple list for students to share things about themselves. Just let them list their favorite things and share them with others.

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11. Find a friend

Finding a Friend is a great activity for students of all ages. Use the editable version to tailor the options to your middle schoolers. It will get your college class moving. Students can spend the first few days of school getting to know their peers by finding students who fit the categories they need.

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12. Student survey

Give your students a class or school survey at the start of the year. You can also give a learning styles survey that students complete to help you better understand how they like to learn. It’s good for any college class or content area.

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13. Glyph of Pennant

Middle schoolers can make fun of a typical glyph, but this activity goes even further into the artistic realm. Students can get creative by designing a pennant that reflects them, their preferences and personalities. Upper primary students can also benefit from it.

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14. Get to Know You Jenga

Use colorful Jenga blocks to play this learning game so students can tell you all about themselves. They answer questions based on the color block they remove.

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15. Sort learning styles

Now this is an on me activity that serves multiple purposes for the teacher! Teachers can see what students think about learning and what they like and dislike. They can read detailed statements and sort them according to what they think of each, creating a very informative inventory of learning styles.

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16. Mathematics about me

For a completely different spin on Me activities, let middle school math students do a Me math project! Challenge them to think about their life outside of school to find different ways to use numbers to create this project.

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17. Things I like Collage

Creating collages is a great way to let students express themselves creatively. This art activity is ideal for entering the minds of these middle schoolers by seeing the things they love and appreciate. Students can include photos, magazine images, and even their own creations.

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18. All About Me Notebook Decoration

Be sure to include time in your lesson plan for students to decorate their notebooks at the start of the year. It’s good for them to express themselves and decorate, using an all about me format, but it can also be used as inspiration when writing throughout the year.

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19. Peer Biography Report

Swap traditional autobiographies for this writing assignment with a twist. This project may take a little time, but it will be worth it! Have students interview each other to find out more about the other, then ask them to turn that into a biography of the other person.

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20. My ID Poster

Pencil some extra time to allow students to use their favorite colors and get artistic with this project. Replace the traditional school survey with a fun art project like this one that lets students express themselves through art!

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21. A bullet on me

Whether in middle school or elementary school, this is a fun activity to replace the same old back-to-school fact sheet. This school printable is sure to be a hit and will make an adorable school bulletin board!

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22. Graffiti on me

Another fun art project is this graffiti-themed activity that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser, even for your middle schoolers! Doing this during the first few days of school can help you motivate students for other fun activities while learning more about them in the process.

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23. Student Profile Sheets

This is not just any alumni fact sheet. College kids love social media and this is a great PDF to print out and use with students to learn more about them.

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