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96% of Let’s Lead Educational, Mohali students catch more than 8 groups at IELTS

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1 in 5 students studying at Let’s Lead Educational, IELTS Institute in Mohali, obtains 9 bands, which is a great achievement for the institute.

MOHALI (SAHIBZADA AJIT SINGH NAGAR), PUNJAB, INDIA, December 27, 2021 / – Previously, the unity of IELTS and the people of Punjab was like East and West. The two were far apart. But thanks to the continued efforts of the IELTS Institute in Mohali, Punjab has become the No.1 state in India in terms of the number of Indians settling in foreign countries.

The revolution was not fighting
IELTS trainers interviewed those who failed to achieve their group score after trying more than 2 times. The investigation was carried out to judge the cause of the failure and it was discovered:
The English level of public school students is so low that IELTS trainers first need to hone their basic understanding of English such as:
Use of Modals, Prepositions and Determinants
Active and passive voice
Numbers and genres

Usually, IELTS trainers do not provide one-on-one interaction. If they do, they are expensive, which is beyond the reach of students.
Weak students do not follow the coaching for the desired length of time. Like if they have to finish two months, due to money constraint, they only take it for 1 month, which becomes a big reason for their failure.

Students are given vocabulary cards so that they learn on their own. No classroom practice was performed.

Rigid rules and regulations have become the biggest obstacle to learning for those who lack a particular module. For example: if a particular student has difficulty speaking, they will still have the opportunity to attend two speaking sessions, which is the same for students who have good English skills.

Revolutionary reform

All these things required a reform which was brought by the many IELTS institutes in early 2016.

Just because the students lost confidence in the IELTS institutes, they decided to change their teaching methods and brought great learning with the teaching structures.

The cost has also been reduced so that each student can afford to be taught for as long as they want. The students were now enrolled as beginners (who don’t know anything about English) and were taught until they seemed to speak like native English speakers.

The weaknesses and strengths of the students were assessed on the basis of which the individualized learning plan is framed. For example: if a student is doing well in reading but needs a lot of practice in the speaking module. He was assigned to one “reading session” and two speaking sessions. This allowed the students to work effectively on their weaknesses.

Students should appear in mock tests each week so they can know exactly where they are.

Group discussions played a big role for the students who were unsure of themselves.

One-on-one interaction with weak students was also starting to be successful as it helped those students reach at least 5-6 bands.

All in all, the IELTS teaching revolution has worked well for aspirants and large learners. They were now taught with the right techniques and the right course structures.

IELTS – A Study Worthy of a Job
Many times it happens that students who have achieved desired Band scores do not get student visa early. They have to wait months and sometimes years. What are they supposed to do in these times? They can take on an IELTS trainer position so as not to lose contact with English.
99% of students waiting for their VISA serve as IELTS trainers at reputable institutes which I strongly believe is a wise move.

Change perspective
People do not take the IELTS test just because they are ready to go abroad. Some people are willing to assess their English proficiency as it would benefit them in the long run. For example: if someone wants to land an interview at a multinational, it goes without saying that it would be in English, which requires that they have good English skills.

What is the value of a good mark on the IELTS exam?
If the individual gets a good group score, their chances of getting a VISA sooner increase. In addition, the VISA providers will not create any obstacle for the person to realize the dream of touching foreign land as soon as possible.

Highlights on IELTS

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System.
The validity of the IELTS is two years.
The IELTS student will obtain a TRF (Test Report Form) once the result is obtained.
The fees for taking the IELTS coaching and for taking the IELTS test are different and the student must pay both to separate authorities.

Considering everything!
Every day, thousands of students take the IELTS exams. Many achieve desired strip scores while others fail. Success and failure depend on the quality of teaching students. Choosing an ideal IELTS institute is all that is required on the part of the student. IELTS is a test not only for those who want to go abroad, but its importance is for those who want to hone their English skills. Let’s Lead Educational is one of those institutes which brought about learning reform and became the # 1 in all of Punjab to bring the maximum number of students to 8+ bands.

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