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Operations Coordinator

Kootenai Electric Cooperative is located in scenic northern Idaho, central to many recreational opportunities. Set in a beautiful lakeside mountain setting, it is a favorite destination for tourists. Just outside our back door are national forests, lakes, rivers and trails with plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking, boating/water sports, fishing, hunting, hiking. golf, snow sports and much more. The four distinct seasons provide opportunities for year-round recreation. The Coeur d’Alene/Hayden metropolitan area also offers a variety of entertainment and shopping venues and is a 45 minute drive from Spokane, Washington and access to domestic and international air transportation. The Operations Coordinator position is responsible for day-to-day communication and coordination within the operations department. Essential Skills · Safety: Adhere to all laws, regulations, standards, rules and practices relating to workplace and trade safety. Use of personal protective equipment as needed. Assume individual responsibility for managing safety risks and reporting unsafe conditions or unsafe work practices. Respond positively to safety-focused comments. Contribute to a culture of safety. · Quality of Work: Produce thorough, high-quality work with minimal errors. Ask for feedback, make any necessary corrections. Identify problems and solve them. Strive to improve processes. Work collaboratively with team members to implement systemic changes. · Productivity: complete assigned work in a timely manner. Use slow times productively. Produce the expected quantity and volume, at the accepted speed. · Technical Skills/Professional Knowledge: Demonstrate an appropriate level of understanding of technical skills in the area of ​​expertise, technology, products and/or processes involved. Perform assigned tasks. Keep up to date with changes. Competent with all technologies and industry best practices necessary to perform the job. Maintains necessary certifications. · Communication: Oral and written communication conveys information clearly. Keep others informed of activities and issues in a timely manner. Listen carefully. Respond appropriately and respectfully. Teamwork/Ability to Work with Others: Demonstrate ability to work positively with colleagues and/or clients with backgrounds, opinions, abilities, etc. Establish and maintain strong and effective working relationships. Contribute effectively to group efforts. Promote harmony. Agree to disagree without hurting relationships. · Responsibility: Maintain excellent attendance and punctuality. Arrive on time and be ready to work. Accept responsibility for work and actions. Be trustworthy. · Integrity: Demonstrate honesty, high ethical standards and respect for all team members, colleagues and KEC members. · Professionalism: Always address internal and external customers with courtesy and respect. Dress in appropriate work clothes for the job. Communicate commercial information in a timely manner, using means of communication appropriate to the situation. · Support of Cooperative Goals, Policies and Procedures: Support the goals of the cooperative. Adhere to all co-op policies and procedures. Understand that caring for internal customers and external members is always the top priority. Contribute effectively in support of this priority. · Problem Solving: Use sound logic and methodology to solve problems. Explore several sources of answers, if necessary. Able to identify hidden issues. Propose solutions. Job Responsibilities/Essential Functions · Fault Management/System Operation Duties: o Monitors iVUE and communication system for fault management. o Places switching commands, delay authorizations and direct line seizures in the outage management system and communicates them accordingly. o Uses communication system telephone notification for planned/unplanned outages. o Maintains telephone and radio communications with line crews and engineering. o Communicates and coordinates with members as needed. o On call for outage management. · Material/accounting tasks: o Acts as a replacement for the creation and transmission of the picking list. o Help with month-end research for work order closures. o Help with year-end inventory. o Process new permanent connections/creations in subdivisions. · Payroll/Fleet/Contractor accounting tasks: o Code work orders for time entry and reconciliation of labor vehicles for work orders. o Reconciles time entries for labor and equipment. o Reconciles month-end payroll and meal tracking for accounting. o Accounts for credit card expenses for line staff and invoices for external contract crew. · Administrative duties: o Maintains the MAYDAY emergency program. o Maintains line crew tailgate, hotline support, security accreditation, PCB and Zonar documentation. o Maintains and completes monthly safety minutes / attendance records / safety training. o Organizes and processes new joint use requests and breach repairs in coordination with engineering/external entities and maintaining database and mapping records. o Provides operations orientation for new employees. o Order office supplies and maintain office supply inventory. o Organize travel. o Arranges for DOT medical examination. o May direct the activities of temporary office staff and interns. · New functions for logging in, ordering service and modifying the system: o Generate service orders or maintenance issues. o Schedule appointments for line breaks and disconnections; helps plan new connection tasks. o Maintains new connection documents and files; tracks the state before and after construction; follow up on pending work. o Send quotes and answer questions; communicates with builders, electricians, etc. o Builds/swaps/removes transformers and maps iVUE system locations and updates data. · Performs other duties as directed or required. Job Requirements · Education/Experience o High school diploma or GED equivalent required. o Preferred post-secondary education. o 5 years of experience in an operations coordinator, accounting or member service position preferred. · Knowledge and Skills o Knowledge of basic engineering principles for electrical systems. o Knowledge of the basic operation and maintenance principles of electrical systems. o Knowledge of line construction specifications. o Knowledge of the uniform system of accounts for the operation and maintenance of the electrical system. o Must be able to read, write, do numeracy and use office equipment such as copier, computer, printer and various software packages such as Microsoft Office and other office related software packages use. o Mastery of KEC mapping and work scheduling programs. o Proficiency in KEC hardware and system operations. · Time Requirements o Must be able to work more than 12 hours during disruption situations. Must be available for unscheduled work. · Mental Requirements o Must be able to work under stressful conditions. o Must be able to make decisions with minimal data. o Must be able to compare, copy, calculate, compile, analyze and coordinate. o Must have an eye for detail and the ability to work effectively in a fast paced environment with multiple distractions. · Working conditions/risks o Normal office environment. o Occasional warehouse work with temperature variations. o Occasional overtime required. o Travel may be required. Interested candidates should complete a KEC job application at www.kec.com. This position will remain open until October 2, 2022. Kootenai Electric Cooperative, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will be considered for employment regardless of disability or protected veteran status.