Best Comedy Series as The Righteous Gemstones

The idea of ​​a TV series centered around a group of evangelists sounds like an absolute gold mine of an idea, and the potential for Virtuous Gemstones infinitely shows that such a show can become incredibly popular with the right writing. It helps that the televangelists who are the focus of this show are also family, which adds to their hilarious couple dynamic.

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Given how much Virtuous Gemstones is really, most viewers who get into this series would like to watch more TV shows in the same vein. It’s not a tall order at all, with some amazing TV shows fulfilling these criteria and then others. Keeping that in mind, here are some amazing comedy series that fans of Virtuous Gemstones should definitely check it out.

ten Malcolm in the middle

The cast of Malcolm in the Middle Malcolm Hal Lois Dewey Reese Francis Bryan Cranston Frankie Muniz

Sitcoms that focus on somewhat dysfunctional families are always fun. In this regard, Malcolm in the middle is perhaps the best recommendation for fans of Virtuous Gemstones.

Watching Malcolm try to function like a genius and having to deal with the problems that come with it is quite entertaining. The series has its fair share of heartwarming moments and is one of the best family sitcoms.


9 Office

The Office TV Show

Office is easily one of the most popular sitcoms on this list and for good reason. The series is full of memorable and iconic moments that most people remember fondly to this day.

The trials and tribulations that Michael Scott and the rest of the members of the Scranton office face are a blast. Suffice it to say, anyone looking to watch a laugh-out-loud series should definitely check it out. Office.

8 Parks and recreation

Image of the cast of Parks and Recreation from season 7

Leslie Knope takes center stage in a show about a bureaucrat who strives to turn a vacant lot into a thriving community park. However, such a decision takes a while to come to fruition, which leads to a bunch of hilarious situations that are an absolute joy to explore.

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Parks and recreation It might take a while to get things rolling, but things really pick up speed from the second season. The writing quality is in a class of its own and makes for a great watch from start to finish.

seven Calm your enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry David Gives a Speech

Larry David is a master in the art of comedy, and he displays his talent for all to see in Calm your enthusiasm. This satirical show puts Larry in a bunch of awkward social situations, made worse by his brusque and rather face-to-face attitude.

Calm your enthusiasm is easily one of the most hilarious shows on the list that is still going strong to this day. The chemistry Larry shares with the rest of the cast is what drives this unique comedy series.

6 Brooklyn nine-nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine Cast standing on the Brooklyn Bridge Jake Peralta Rosa Diaz Melissa Fumero Captain Ray Holt Terry Crew Andy Samberg

Brooklyn nine-nine is easily one of the biggest shows on this list, focusing on the shenanigans of Jake Peralta and the rest of his crew in the Nine-Nine. It’s a brilliant and imaginative series with amazing comedic curveballs thrown at every turn,

The cast takes a hilarious look at the life of a police officer while providing some excellent sub-stories that unfold over its eight seasons. Honestly the only bad thing about Brooklyn nine-nine is that it ends… albeit on a positive note.

5 modern family

The family gathers around Lily in the Modern Family pilot

modern family is a series that may have faltered a bit in its second half, but still retains some impressive comedic chops. It’s easily one of the most enjoyable family sitcoms on this list.

The extended family featured on the show is easily one of the most unique and recognizable ensembles on television. Fans of heartwarming moments sprinkled in a series full of laugh-out-loud humor should definitely check it out modern family.

4 What we do in the shadows

Poster What we do in the shadows

A show about a bunch of vampires hanging out at home might sound more spooky than scary, but it’s a testament to the incredible writing of What we do in the shadows that this scenery becomes incredible. The misadventures of Laslow and the rest of the group never fail to be entertaining.

The show has a surprisingly engaging plot that will keep viewers hooked until the end of the third season. Fans can only wait and see what the next season has to offer.

3 Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

A show about a bunch of budding techies who want to start their own startup had a ton of promise from the start. Silicon Valley takes that background and weaves a hilarious plot around it that’s a delight to behold.

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The characters in the series are amazing and are the best part of the overall experience. The exploits of Pied Piper might not have the happiest endings every time, but the events leading up to it are so hilarious it doesn’t really matter.

2 rick and morty

The Smith and Rick family in the ocean holding hands.

rick and morty is one of the most popular shows on this list by a country mile. The brilliant minds of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have spawned this cultural phenomenon that people just can’t get enough of.

The two titular characters are the best part of the show, with Summer and the rest of the family also taking advantage of their moments to shine on the show. Fans who want to catch an off-the-beaten-track comedy series should definitely check it out. rick and morty.

1 after life

after life

Ricky Gervais is a masterful comedian who fears no offensive material. As a result, his show after life is more or less the same thing… although it has its fair share of serious and profound moments.

Chronicling the life of a man dealing with the death of his wife, Ricky Gervais shines in the lead role and is easily the best part of the show. after life might not click with some viewers, but people who enter this show will find themselves hopelessly hooked.

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