Blind date: “I felt the pressure to be very interesting and enthusiastic”

HIS IDEAL MATCH: Chris Evans in finance / banking

HIS IDEAL MEETING: Sitting on an outdoor patio drinking rosé

ERIC M.: 30 / business analyst

WHAT MAKES HIM A TAKE: A good sense of humor, a romantic side and endless optimism

WHEN IT’S MOST HAPPY: By pursuing creative efforts and surrounded by friends



Catherine I spent the day doing my normal Sunday chores.

Eric I listened to a podcast on an amusement park, took a walk, and read a bunch of articles on dinner with Cupid to get a feel for the expectations.

Catherine We were both on time. It was easy to spot him when he came out – there was literally no one else on the patio.

Eric I was nervous with impatience. I felt the pressure to be very interesting and enthusiastic.

Catherine My first impression was that he was not my type at all. But obviously I wanted to be polite and stay a bit and talk.

Eric She looked good. The wind howled but she coolly kept her hair tidy. She was blonde, tanned and appeared to be in good shape. These are all good qualities, but I don’t think either of us was what we imagined the other would look like. I kept an open mind, but I could sense that we had different vibes / energy / chemistry.


Catherine We started talking about what we should order (food versus drink). I explained that I had a late lunch so I’d rather just have a drink.

Eric It was good for me, drinking dates take the embarrassment of trying to speak with your mouth full. I ordered a cocktail called Bohemian Rhapsody.

Catherine I drank two glasses of rosé. The restaurant had contactless orders so it was very smooth. We talked about general things. We didn’t really get into any in-depth conversation topics.

Eric Kathryn is an accountant from North Carolina. We discussed the usual dating stuff. She has an English Bulldog named Gus, he looks like a great dog. We talked about travel. Being from Massachusetts, I gave some recommendations for some fun fall activities in New England.

Catherine He seemed like a nice guy. It was very easy to converse, especially since I knew he wasn’t someone I would be interested in, so I was less worried about the impression I was making.

Eric Because there wasn’t a lot of chemistry, I didn’t feel like I had to ask hard questions; we would talk and then go our separate ways. We’ve kept him friendly and on the surface.


Catherine While he was paying the bill, I ordered a Lyft. We said it was nice to meet. There was an annoying side hug, primarily an annoying cause of COVID.

Eric We gave a quick farewell half-hug. This was what made the most sense given the trajectory of the evening.


Catherine No.

Eric No, we haven’t exchanged numbers. We didn’t feel it and that’s good.


Catherine / B-

Eric / A When someone inevitably searches for one of us on Google, I don’t want people to think we’re bad at dating!

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