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BoardDocs Product Review – The Tech Edvocate

BoardDocs enables administrative meeting bodies to work collaboratively outside of department meetings, HR meetings, negotiations, policy reviews, and more with granular security and consistent ease of use. BoardDocs was developed especially for K-12 school systems. Depending on their needs, customers can choose BoardDocs LT or BoardDocs Pro.


What users like about the app:

Designed to be viewed from mobile devices, learners and teachers can access English grammar rules and solve English grammar questions from anywhere. It includes a comprehensive grammar glossary, hundreds of exercises and quizzes, and tons of real English examples.

On the one hand, young children benefit considerably from learning a foreign language. They consider English lessons to be fun and interactive. It is virtually impossible for a teacher not to use games and songs in the classroom. By singing super simple songs, young students learn sounds, words and even phrases. “

A comprehensive introduction to English grammar, from the absolute basics to advanced level building, The Interactive Grammar of English is a guide to the structure of English.

They can learn letters and spelling in kindergarten and it will definitely help them in school when they start reading. Coming back to productive skills, young children eventually get used to a foreign language and can pronounce words and use certain phrases on their own.

They understand the meaning because a teacher must have used pictures or objects to show the meaning of the word rather than translating them. If they continue to acquire vocabulary in this way, they will avoid the translation of L1 later and will become more fluent.

What users dislike about the app:

No oral work takes place in class using this method. Only the teacher speaks. The main emphasis remains only on the mother tongue and the target language remains ignored and the main emphasis is on grammar rules.

The interactive grammar of English is very impersonal compared to training and face to face communication. It manifests in an unconventional way. For example, they transmit a language through gamification. Once you start playing it you become addicted and your main goal will be to win the game instead of learning it effectively.

There are downsides to such a heavy trend. First of all, English lessons in a kindergarten are not always cheap, as principals struggle to hire native teachers who earn a high salary. Therefore, not everyone can afford to teach their child English so early.

The interaction between a teacher and a student is an integral part of the educational process. And the face-to-face approach is an effective language learning method because it combines different segments, including writing, speaking, listening and reading.

Human beings tend to have lazy attitudes, especially when they don’t have to follow strict rules. Studying online in and of itself is a great way, but if you are not disciplined it gets complicated. You will have enough excuses to postpone or miss your sessions.