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BSBI Expands to Hamburg with Faculty of Creative Industries – India Education | Latest Education News | Global education news

Hamburg: Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) today announced the opening of a new campus, expanding its presence in Hamburg.

The new premises, located in Germany’s second largest city, will house BSBI’s Faculty of Creative Industries, in collaboration with its accredited university partner, the University of Creative Arts (UCA).

The new faculty will expand BSBI’s portfolio with a selection of programs in animation, graphic design and illustration. The programs, awarded by UCA and taught by BSBI tutors, will enable students to receive qualifications recognized in the UK while studying in Germany.

Prof. Dr Kyriakos Kouveliotis, Rector and Academic Director of BSBI, said: “This is a momentous opportunity for BSBI as we continue to expand our offering and develop our portfolio. With the addition of quality and career-oriented programs in the creative arts, we aim to broaden our horizons and continue to become a leading institution in Germany.

UCA is one of the top creative universities in the UK, holding Gold status under the Excellence in Teaching and Student Outcomes (TEF) framework. BSBI first partnered with the UK-based institution in October 2020, introducing undergraduate programs in business and management, digital marketing and social media.

Dr Simon Macklin, Vice Chancellor of the University of the Creative Arts, said: “Our partnership with BSBI continues to thrive and we look forward to offering more courses to students soon. The new faculty home in Hamburg – a city known for its cultural and creative scene – is perfectly located for students to experience and integrate into the creative industries. ”

This new development of collaboration offers students the opportunity to access prestigious flagship courses designed for aspiring professionals in the creative industries. Liz Fernando, Head of Arts Academic Operations at BSBI, said: “Hamburg is a renowned creative arts hub in Germany and a major European hub for science, research and education with several universities and institutions .

“Our new campus is therefore well positioned to offer these innovative programs to budding creative minds and to support the growing industry with talented graduates. Thanks to UCA’s expertise, we are able to offer a quality educational experience to national and international students in Germany.

The BSBI Hamburg campus is located in the famous Otto von Bahrenpark district, a landmark of the city. The area is now a modern business park, preserving historic buildings while serving as the perfect backdrop for a modern, exciting and inspiring creative campus.

On the occasion of the opening of its Hamburg campus, BSBI is launching the “BSBI Portfolio Scholarship Competition”. Students applying for the start of the October 2021 academic year will have the opportunity to obtain a full scholarship and partial scholarships up to 50% of the tuition fee by submitting their artistic portfolio, which will be reviewed by a panel of experts, before Friday August 13.

For more information visit https://www.berlinsbi.com/