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NEW DELHI: India’s first sale of 5G spectrum, which earned the center Rs 1.5 lakh crore from telecom firms, indicates an enthusiastic response from the industry, Minister of State for Communications Devusinh Chauhan said during the the plenipotentiary conference of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) on Sunday.

“It is the result of citizen-centric and industry-friendly public policies and also an indicator of their positive vision for the future of India,” Chauhan said at the conference, centered on “Building a better digital future,” according to an official statement.

The Minister added that a better digital future can only be built on the basis of a “pervasive digital infrastructure” and by developing digital platforms for the delivery of government services while ensuring that these services reach all citizens. from the country.

At the ITU high-level conference, Chauhan cited the Centre’s plans to extend mobile services to all 6.4 lakh villages by 2023 and optical fiber by 2025.

The Minister also highlighted the success of the Digital India initiative undertaken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“He cited the success of Aadhar and Aadhar Enable Payment System (AEPS). He was informed in the august chamber that every day 400 million transactions take place from AEPS which is a fine example of financial inclusion achieved through the development of digital infrastructure,” the statement added.

“Minister of State for Communications, Devusinh Chauhan, will lead the Indian delegation which will attend the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2022 and the final meeting of the 2022 session of the ITU Council from 24 September to 14 October 2022 in Bucharest, Romania,” the statement said.

Chauhan further mentioned that the Center has set up 5.7 lakh Shared Service Centers (CSCs) in rural and remote areas, which ensure provision of various Government to Citizen (G2C) e-services and other services. citizen-centric online.

“Shri Devusinh Chauhan has also sought the support of member countries for the re-election of India to the ITU Council and also for the election of Ms M Revathi as a member of the Radio Regulatory Board,” the statement read. .

He also mentioned that India has been contributing to the goals of ITU since 1869 and will take all necessary measures to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

“He offered India’s expertise in bridging the digital divide to CTO nations. Shri Chauhan called for new collaborations between CTO nations,” the statement read.