Cleanfix North America’s enthusiastic approach to social media pays off

The meteoric rise of social media and various platforms has given individuals and organizations a unique and valuable opportunity to connect with others, generate content to raise awareness, as well as participate in conversations about the hottest trends. most important and relevant topics impacting the world.

While establishing, growing, and maintaining a successful social media program can be a challenge for businesses of all sizes and types, certain strategies and behaviors can drive desired results and positively impact the profile and position of an organization within the industry.

With that in mind, AEM recently spoke with Mike Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer of the AEM member company. Cleanfix North America Inc., a 100% subsidiary of the German company Hägele GmbH, to discuss the organization’s approach to social media, how small businesses can make their voices heard in the industry through various social strategies and tactics, and where the media will go social in the future.

AEM: Can you provide information on Cleanfix’s approach to social media and what you hope to achieve through your social media efforts?

Anderson: Looking back a few years, Cleanfix has really made a concerted effort to try to increase its exposure in North America, having been quite conservative in this approach before. From a social point of view, it was in 2018 that things really started. Working for an agency that acted as a third-party vendor to support the company’s social efforts, I helped get things done with Twitter, developed the company’s presence on Facebook, as well as a few works on Instagram and a little on LinkedIn.

It didn’t take long for our efforts to gain momentum, and I think it was because someone was paying attention and pushing things forward from a social perspective. I ended up joining the Cleanfix team full time in June 2019 and since then it’s been about building on what we were doing before. Now I spend a lot of my time as a Cleanfix employee working on social media. And ultimately, Cleanfix North America now manages all of the company’s social media initiatives. including most of the global organization’s social media presence.

Our approach to social media is that we are die-hard fans of the gear industry, and we work to express that in both a professional and personal sense. For us at Cleanfix, we highly value players in this industry and are not afraid to congratulate people on their successes. Yes, we are a small component manufacturer. But through our growing social media presence, we’ve tried to stand up and tell the world that we love and celebrate the industry as much as anyone else. So when we see good things happening on social media from other equipment manufacturers or an association like AEM, we like to point it out in a very positive way. This is our approach, and I believe it has served us well.

mike anderson

“Our approach to social media is that we are die-hard fans of the equipment industry, and we work to express that in both a business and personal sense. At Cleanfix, we have a strong appreciation for those in this industry, and we’re not afraid to congratulate people on their successes. Yes, we’re a small component manufacturer. But with our growing social media presence, we’ve tried to stand up and tell the world that we love and celebrate the industry as much as anyone else. — Mike Anderson, Marketing Manager, Cleanfix North America

AEM: What successes has the company had with this approach and the work that has been done over the past few years?

Anderson: The most direct and obvious success is when we get a Twitter message from someone we haven’t had direct contact with, and they comment on some information about our reversible ventilators, or the person is looking for additional product information or even a quote. This has happened both in North America and around the world. And, thanks to the immediacy of social media, we are able to forward these international contacts to our office in Germany and they can access them very quickly. From a social media perspective, and as a company that doesn’t have a long social media history, these are feel-good times for us at Cleanfix.

Then, from the standpoint of helping move the idea of ​​our industry forward as a community, social media has allowed us to create camaraderie with our partners we do business with or our customers. The back and forth we have on social media is very encouraging and encouraging. And, ultimately, we’ve found that the more we invest in social media, the more we get out of it.

AEM: From your perspective, what stops some organizations – especially smaller ones – from investing time, effort, and resources in social media efforts?

Anderson: In the experiment, it really comes down to people being very busy. There are good intentions on the part of many organizations to continue their social media efforts, but it just isn’t happening consistently in some cases. So it’s almost not worth it if you don’t commit to being diligent and consistent.

For us at Cleanfix, it’s a challenge at times, because we’re basically a one-product company, so we have to be creative and try different tactics to let the industry know we’re here. It can be easy for small businesses to look at the equipment industry on social media and say it’s a playground for big organizations, but it really doesn’t have to be. And for us, we finally discovered that a lot of our efforts were noticed by big companies. It’s really encouraging.

AEM: The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 prevented organizations from taking advantage of face-to-face networking opportunities for some time, opening the door for the emergence of social media as a primary means of making your voice heard. voice with customers and industry. peers. What was that experience for Cleanfix and how did the organization work to make the best of a difficult situation?

Anderson: It was a huge disruption for us as an organization. Cleanfix North America has always been a fairly traditional distributor. We have attended many trade shows, even as a small team – around 40 events per year. Suddenly it all stopped in March 2020, and we didn’t exhibit at another show until September 2021. It was a massive hiatus, but social media allowed us to keep our brand and logo a bit more easier than it would have been in the past. Also, since we weren’t spending money on shows, we had the opportunity to invest in improving our social media game. So in that sense, it was positive, even though face-to-face networking is something that we missed a lot.

AEM: Do you have any predictions for where social media will go in the short and long term? Also, how will your organization try to keep up with its growth and evolution?

Anderson: That’s the million dollar question. Just when you think you’ve figured out a trend like social media, that changes. And while change can be frustrating and difficult, it also offers opportunity.

Many people wake up every morning trying to find answers regarding where social media should go next, while the rest of us try to follow along as best we can. Ultimately, we believe there will continue to be an emergence of different platforms. Some will assume leadership roles, some will fall, and some will hold their place. That’s why it’s so important to keep up to date with the different platforms and what they have to offer, then strategize in response and take advantage of the opportunities available. In short, it all comes down to being ready to accept the constant learning that needs to take place, and then being ready to go out and do the work – day in and day out.

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