Duties and functions

Comelec officially replaces PNP and AFP to safeguard Halalan 2022

Comelec checkpoint during the 2019 elections. ABS-CBN News/Dossier

MANILA — The Electoral Commission (Comelec) on Wednesday formalized the delegation of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) to ensure “the free, orderly, honest, peaceful and credible conduct of the elections of May 9, 2022 “. national and local elections.

In a resolution, the polling station listed the following duties and functions of soldiers and police as deputy officers:

  • Provide security for polling stations, voting centers/voting centers, canvassing centers and other facilities containing election paraphernalia, forms and supplies
  • Ensure the security of Comelec staff, its deputies and other persons performing election-related functions
  • Provide land, air and water resources, communication systems and other equipment
  • Investigate the existence of armed groups organized to commit, commit or attempt to commit acts of terrorism, or threats to intimidate or compel any person to vote for or against a candidate, and suppress such threats
  • Assist Comelec in implementing electoral laws, rules and regulations, particularly those relating to the prohibition of bodyguards, the use of armored vehicles and the unauthorized carrying of firearms and other weapons murderers in public places
  • Provide security escorts to candidates, as authorized by the commission
  • Conduct periodic assessment of the state of peace and order in critical areas and recommend measures that could be adopted by the commission
  • Comply with and implement Comelec directives and resolutions “which supersede orders and directives issued by any other government office or agency, except the Supreme Court and those issued in habeas corpus cases”
  • Submit periodic reports relating to the implementation of the Substitute Resolution

Comelec reminded AFP and PNP of the ban on changes in staff assignments, except with the written agreement of the commission.

The resolution will come into force one week after it is published in two general-circulation daily newspapers in the country.

Last month, the PNP said it had yet to identify election hotspots for Halalan 2022, but added it was already verifying an initial list.