Confidence, enthusiasm win | Hal becker

This is nothing new. Confident people succeed.

If I walked into your business or meeting and said, “Uh, hello, I’ll be your sales trainer. I think I am giving you good information. Does that sound correct to you? So people would say, “Hal, you’re just a memory, a vapor, you’ve got to go.” You are out of here.

Trust something you earn

One way to master the art of trust is to explore. Learn all you can about your subject, then practice, practice, and practice more. We are all creatures of habit. When you face something new, you have to learn and get used to it. Very few salespeople practice their sales skills. Do you impress your client with your knowledge of sales techniques and not just your knowledge of the products? Believe it or not, we respond to a person’s confident attitude as much as that person’s actual skill set.

For example, do you know what school your dentist or doctor graduated from and were they at the top of the class – or the bottom of the class? Has anyone died in your dentist or doctor’s office? Are you sure your dentist or doctor can read your x-rays? If you’re like most people, you don’t know. People stick with a doctor or dentist who trust them.

In my opinion, the master of trust was Lee Iacocca. He used to say in his award winning commercials in the early 1980s, “I might be CEO of Chrysler, but basically I’m a salesperson. His famous line in those ads was, “If you can find a better car, buy it.” It’s confident.

Make a good impression, be enthusiastic.

I still remember the first time I saw Bruce Springsteen perform in 1975 at John Carrol University in University Heights. I was frozen for over four hours, and to this day I have never seen a more incredible sight. Over the decades, each of his performances have had the same energy and you still witness his love for performing live. His genuine enthusiasm and confidence are a big part of his incredible talent.

Michael Jordan is another example of enthusiasm and confidence. He made fun basketball. In fact, he’s pretty much the only basketball player to have a love of basketball clause in his contract so he can play a pickup game anytime, anywhere he wants. This love was manifested in his games.

Develop a winning attitude

You have to believe that your business is the best. If you don’t think your business is the best, you shouldn’t be selling it. If you get up every day and say, “I hate this job and I hate what I do,” then I suggest you go to your boss and say, “Hal told me to tell you that I ‘had resigned. If you like what you’re doing, if you really like it, then it’s not work. Imagine how much fun you would have if you really enjoyed what you do every day.

Put the body up for sale

Firmly shake your hand. Walk confidently. Men and women both love a nice, strong handshake. Develop a confident and responsible posture with your voice and body. Be enthusiastic and really get into what you are doing. We all like to be around people who are in good shape, not people who are depressed and constantly complain or complain.

Use voice effectively

Speak clearly and in a conversational tone. Smile and try to speak sparingly, using only words that convey what you have to say simply and effectively. Try not to use fancy swear words. All you do is lose people.

Nothing new, just things you forget over time.

Hal Becker is a nationally recognized sales and customer service speaker. He is the author of numerous business books, including two national bestsellers, “Can I Have 5 Minutes Of Your Time? “And” Lips “. Hal’s latest sales book is called “Ultimate Sales Book”. He can be contacted on Halbecker.com.


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