Teaching qualifications

Cong Alleges Professional Misconduct at Remote Schools, Calls for Government Investigation

SHILLONG, July 2: Congress chief HM Shangpliang has alleged misconduct at schools in the most remote areas of the state while calling on the government to investigate the matter.
Speaking to media representatives on Friday, Shangpliang said many appointed teachers are shirking their responsibilities and asking someone else to teach on their behalf by paying certain amounts.
The deputy said that such incidents occur due to which the children’s studies are affected.
“When the government has retained the MTET qualification criteria for the selection of teachers, how do (teachers) have the authority and the audacity to cede their teaching responsibility to someone else who has not? not even the required qualifications, ”Shangpliang said.
Stating that such incidents are widespread, the MLA has called on the government to investigate and identify schools where such practices are taking place.
Expressing his disappointment at the recent performance grading index (PGI) report on the Meghalaya school education ranking, the MP claimed that many public schools in the state lack facilities and infrastructure. adequate.
“If you visit a rural area, you will find that many LP public schools are in need of new buildings, good roofs, extension repairs and most importantly good furniture. I urge the government to provide better infrastructure for a better environment for both students and teachers, ”said the MP.
He also said that as many schools lack proper infrastructure and students are sometimes forced to share their textbooks, their interest gradually wanes, leading to students dropping out.