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The city’s recent Class XII graduates prepare to make history, as they prepare to appear for the first-ever Common College Entrance Test (CUET). The entrance exam is scheduled between July 15 and August 10, for undergraduate courses. And for young people hoping to enter the University of Delhi, the test acts as an alternative to the old university cut-off process. Thus, some students look forward to the test with optimism while others feel the pressure.

“The problem is that I have studied so much for my board exams that now it is getting a bit difficult to get into this same scheme,” Ananya Kathuria, a Delhi public school graduate, RK Puram, explains: “I have to relax only a few days before going back to my books. I hope to somehow resume the good study habits and start preparing with the same dedication. To add to that, we have not yet obtained the exam schedule, which makes it more difficult to streamline our preparation.

Echoing the same concern, Sarthak Sanoria, a graduate of the Banyan Tree School, adds: “Admit the card and program at least miljaye. We can then plan accordingly and not find ourselves in a situation where we have prepared for a test that is scheduled for later. And jis ke liye nahi padha, wohi exam pehle aajaaye.

CUET scores will be accepted by more than 50 central universities across the country. (Photo: Sanchit Khanna/HT)

“I sat my 12th standard exams during the pandemic, and at that time we didn’t study too hard because the pandemic helped most of us pass our exams without too much fuss,” shares Sanoria, explaining, “Lekin ab mujhe thoda difficult lag raha hai to prepare CEUT kyunki 12th mein utne zyaada dhyaan se padhai nahi kari, but ab toh karni hi padh rahi hai. CEUT basically gives some of us another chance to study harder if we want to get into a good college.

For some students like Niharika, a recent pass from Bal Bharati Noida Public School, this entrance is all about competing among peers. “I want to make sure that my ranking is better than my friends. Yes, getting into a good university is our main goal, but being ahead in your group is also essential because it allows you to brag about it for the rest of his life,” Niharika shares, with a sheepish smile.

Another CUET aspirant, Preet Kanan, shares how she took a year off to prepare for the entrance exams. “The good thing is that the National Testing Agency (NTA) has released many mock practice materials recently. The materials will go a long way in helping us prepare for the exam,” Kanan adds.

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