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DIET Banihal Conducts 5-Day Orientation Course on Basic Literacy and Numeracy – India Education | Latest Education News | World Education News

BANIHAL: A 5-day Capacity Building Program (CBP) on basic literacy and numeracy was organized by the PSTE DIET Banihal wing. The CBP was conducted in three educational zones of Khari, Banihal and Ukhral and was attended by 130 primary school teachers.

The Capacity Building Program (CBP) aimed to develop a thorough understanding of the basic FLN concepts and familiarize them with the objectives and targets of the NIPUN BHARAT mission.

The main objective was to prepare primary school teachers and equip them with modern pedagogical practices, skills and techniques for teaching at the fundamental stage.

The relevant ZEOs were present at the inaugural session, which challenged the participants to update themselves with modern teaching approaches and meet the needs and demands of growing buds.

MA Katoch, DNO FLN, while interacting with the participants briefed them on the objectives of the CBP and highlighted the target of the NIPUN Bharat mission.

Emphasis was placed on familiarizing participants with trends, techniques, teaching practices and teaching skills at pre-primary/primary levels.

Principal DIET Banihal also had interaction with pre-primary teachers participating in the program at HSS Ukhral and Khari. He said learning should be enjoyable and should take place in a friendly atmosphere.

He pushed the participants to work hard and share the responsibility with utmost dedication and passion.

Resource people focused on involving participants to develop learner facilitation skills through modern approaches so that reading, writing and number use skills can be developed in learners.

Activity-based sessions were held to develop teaching skills and understand how children learn basic skills by applying proper teaching techniques to the foundational steps.

The resource persons shared valuable experience with the help of the PPTs and involved the participants in different learning activities.