Download the sample regulatory order and fax MAD
Teaching qualifications

Download the sample regulatory order and fax MAD

The MAD is only taken into account in cases where candidates interested in the alternative position are not identified in the internal rankings of the school. Indeed, it is recalled precisely near the opening organized by each school, that when the schools request a requirement, by law, the candidates must be summoned in the following order: I band, II band and III band.

MAD rules

The MAD is not regulated, so each school can determine whether it is possible to organize the MAD obtained by obtaining a type of ranking individually, or by reasoning about certain preferences according to their needs. Many companies first select teachers who wish to live or reside near the school, or who already have teaching experience, or who have a good degree and other qualifications.

Who can send MAD and where

Any interested teacher can send MAD to all available schools or someone is available to replace them. The only restriction is placed on people registered in the school rankings for support and those who cannot send MAD for support. This is because so-called availability requests, MAD, should only be offered by teachers who are not registered for support positions on any list of schools and should be clearly indicated in a provincial application, and whether any applications arrive, school principals will give preference to qualified teachers.

It should be noted that this restriction affects the medium and which is included in the list of authors specialized for the medium (therefore in the second group). However, those entered in the third parenthesis and those placed in the second parenthesis without special qualification are not prohibited. However, it should be remembered that MAD can only be sent with support in a specific province.

Those who are not registered in any ranking can send MAD

Those who are not registered in the specific rankings can send MAD. Since there are no restrictions, even those who are not qualified to teach can send them, however, it is better to mention it in the form in order to avoid possible obstacles (indeed, it is remembered that the penal code provides very strict penalties for those who report lies, that is, for those who publish false statements to the public administration, and in order to do the job for those who file them. case, MAD is broadcast by those who have a preferred title, only in last instance, to those who have no title.

MAD without common title

Typically, the cases that send an unnamed MAD are:

  • Diploma (in elementary education for primary and childhood, another diploma for secondary);
  • Graduated, but without the required credit to join their competitive class (for some interested high school teachers);
  • He did not have an elementary education science degree to express his desire to teach in elementary education.

How to send MAD

Send MAD:

  • By email via PEC (recommended choice, because it contains the value of registered mail);
  • By e-mail via personal e-mail;
  • By registered mail ;
  • Presented by hand.

A sample regulatory order for submitting claims and both sides of MAD should be used. Many schools have developed excellent models. Some people couldn’t find anything on the site. We offer some of the products manufactured by Verioli (FR), a complete company of Veroli Primo operated with the competence of Dr Sylvana Schiapho.

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