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DVIDS – News – Incoming Operations Leader at home at SMDC

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Alabama – An Army chief finds a new home at US Army Space and Missile Defense Command and looks forward to working with his new team.

Brig. General Guillaume “Will” Beaurpere, USASMDC deputy commanding general for operations, took up his post in July. Having never worked directly with the command before, he said the USASMDC family made him feel at home as he helped lead the command into the future.

“As the old saying goes, ‘first impressions are lasting impressions,’” ​​Beaurpere said. “I am absolutely impressed by the professionalism of the civilians and soldiers who work in this command.

“As the command of the Army Service Component, geographically unaligned like many other ASCCs, it reminds me a lot of the US Army Special Operations Command in terms of functions and roles within it. ‘army,’ he added. “He has his own center of excellence, he is an advocate for professional development in space and missile defense, and he serves multiple combat commands. In this regard, I actually felt very comfortable stepping into this ASCC, as it was somewhat familiar to me in terms of structure, purpose and function.

Beaurpere said there has been a steep learning curve since taking command, but also said there was perfect order in his introduction.
“Granted, I don’t have any experience in missile defense or space, but the way the team designed my early days in command was perfect,” Beaurpere said.

He said his early days in the field at headquarters in Colorado allowed him to get to know the team at Peterson Space Base in Colorado Springs with the brigades and understand command operations. In his second and third week, Beaurpere tackled over the course of two weeks the army’s space frames.

“I learned the very basic fundamentals of Army space and it was the perfect time,” Beaurpere said. “I needed to literally learn a ‘new language’ and this course was a phenomenal opportunity to gain a broad basic understanding of space operations. “

In its fourth week, Beaurpere visited USASMDC headquarters in Huntsville and also attended the Space and Missile Defense Symposium.

“This first month, to help me understand and assimilate the different missions, roles and responsibilities of this command – a command that it distributes geographically, which is difficult to manage; a head office staff split between two locations – really helped me navigate this learning curve and develop an understanding that I didn’t have on day one, ”said Beaurpere.

He said he had previously worked with Signal Soldiers, Intelligence Soldiers and Air Defense Artillery Soldiers in command, but never fully appreciated the skills they were developing.

“You can tell that the skills they develop in this order make them really unique and that they develop something special, especially on the space side,” Beaurpere said. “ADA soldiers can really come and go from SMDC to other ADA organizations, but the critical space specific skill sets that are developed here with the soldiers are something really special. “

Beaurpere said he was also impressed with the professionalism of the civilians in the command and that they all graciously contributed their time to help him adjust.

“The depth of experience and institutional knowledge of this civilian workforce is phenomenal,” he added. “There is an unprecedented depth of experience and probably not fully appreciated until you really start talking to them and realize that they have served in the military in one way or another,” or that they have been in command not for years, but for decades. “

In his role at the USASMDC, Beaurpere oversees operations in three brigades and said he takes it very seriously. He said first and foremost that he wanted everyone to know that his philosophy is the commander’s philosophy and that as a DCG-O he supports the commanding general.

“As Deputy Commander General of Operations, my focus is readiness first and foremost,” Beaurpere said. “Preparation requires committed leadership at all levels on a regular basis to ensure that we are measuring the right things for the right reasons. This involves understanding our missions and requirements and ensuring that we regularly develop capabilities to meet those missions and requirements.

“Second, you have to build trust,” he continued. “You can’t build a team without confidence. It starts with understanding our people and their challenges and how can I meet those challenges from my level and perspective. Also, admit that there are a lot of “I don’t know” and “I need to learn.” “

Dignity and respect are his third pillar, he said.

“The soldiers are all volunteers,” Beaurpere said. “They raised their right hand and weren’t forced to enlist in the military, they did it because they wanted to. So we owe them the best possible leadership, the best possible advice, mentorship and guidance possible, and they must expect leaders to be treated with dignity and respect.

Beaurpere said he was thrilled to be a part of the USASMDC.

“In terms of who I am and what I can bring here, I think I’m in the right job,” Beaurpere said. “Operations is something that I’ve done my whole career, so it’s something that I bring to command and to work. I will be very focused on the preparation and on what it means to operationalize this headquarters. ”

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