Enthusiasm Marks Holika Dahan Rituals Across Indore | Indore News

Indore: Depicting the legend of Prahlad and Holika, thousands of decorated ‘Holikas’ (effigies) were burned across the city on Thursday evening, kicking off Holi celebrations after the traditional pooja.
With no Covid-19 curbs in place, Indoreans showed great enthusiasm to observe rituals and prayers for Holika Dahan. Following centuries-old tradition, ‘Sarkari’ Holika, the first Holika in the city, was burned in Rajwada by the Khasgi Trust of the Holkar Dynasty at 7 p.m., preceded by Ganesh poojan. This Holi too, no wood was purchased at the market for Holika Dahan. Instead, withered twigs of trees maintained by Khasgi Trust were used to make the Holika according to the rituals.
Several housing corporations in the city replaced the “firewood” used in the dahan with cow dung cakes to reduce pollution. “In order to reduce the carbon footprint, our company decided to burn the Holika from cow dung cakes instead of wood,” said Preksha Dubey, a resident of the town.
Apart from the Sarkari Holika, other major Holika Dahans in the city were held in Chawani and Siyaganj. Chhawni’s Holika Dahan is an almost century-old tradition and includes the offering of special prayers by women and a procession that is carried out in the area before the Holika fire.