Enthusiastic BJP welcome in Delhi for Ilayaraja..?

BJP’s enthusiastic welcome in Delhi for Ilayaraja..!?

Musician ilayaraja will be sworn in today as a member of the rajya sabha. ilayaraja, who flew to delhi yesterday for this purpose, was met by the bjp at the airport. ilayaraja is the one who has connected not only tamilnadu music fans but also music fans wherever they are with his music, Ilayaraja’s music travels with us in any case be it a lonely journey in the car , the silence of the night, the rainy season. In honor of this ilayaraja, the central government gave many awards, but in order to make his music more proud, the central government announced the appointment of ilayaraja as an appointed deputy of the Rajya Sabha. Ilayaraja fans celebrate central government announcement. At the same time, some criticize the ilayaraja as it is a reward for comparing Modi to Ambedkar. But the bjp wondered why they were denigrating the respect given to the musical genius. In this situation, the appointed deputies were sworn in rajya sabha 3 days ago. ilayaraja was also to take office at that time. The vice president and president of the rajya sabha Venkaiah Naidu invoked the name of ilayaraja to take the oath. But it was said that ilayaraja did not come to take the oath. netizens criticized ilayaraja as absent on the first day. In this situation, it was said that ilayaraja could not take office because he had gone to America. After that he came back from America and reached Delhi by plane yesterday. He was received at the airport by bjp officials. Following this, Ilayaraja will be sworn in as the Designated MP at the Rajya Sabha meeting to be held today.