‘Enthusiastic’ Identical Twins Celebrate Career Success at Housing Association

Charlotte and Chloe Northover work for Sovereign Housing Association

The IDENTICAL twins have been offered permanent jobs by their employer, a housing association, which is investing £400,000 to retain staff who were employed on temporary contracts.

Sovereign, a housing association with 5,000 homes across Dorset, will offer life-changing roles in a unique extension to the government’s Kickstart scheme.

It will offer contract extensions or award permanent positions to those who complete the program through an innovative proposal from the organisations’ Employment & Training team.

Twins Chloe and Charlotte Northover, who both work at Sovereign’s office in Blandford, have had their roles extended with eight other youngsters.

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Chloe, 19, has now secured a permanent job as a gas service coordinator, while Charlotte works as a financial and digital administrative assistant.

Chloe shared her joy at having this opportunity: “When I came back after Christmas, I joined the gas team in a permanent role and now I work full time for the gas service coordination team.

“I was just in the early stages of my expansion when the opportunity presented itself – I’m so glad I got a permanent job through Kickstart.”

Charlotte agrees and admits that when she left school her goal was to work in care, hoping to make a difference in people’s lives and see the smile on their faces.

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She said: “In the long run, I realized that a direct care role was not for me. I wanted to find another way to help people.

“Kickstart has given me a great understanding of what goes on behind the scenes of a large social landlord, where supporting people with their money and digital needs is just one of the many things Sovereign does.”

Charlotte’s manager, Kimberley Barrow, Money and Digital Manager, loves having Charlotte on the team.

She said: ‘It has been an amazing opportunity to be part of Charlotte’s journey to work and to see how she has evolved over the first six months of her role, we had no hesitation in asking Charlotte to stay on. longer in his role.

“It’s also great to know Chloe and fantastic that they both chose Sovereign to develop their careers. I only wish they were triplets so we could have even more enthusiasm and vitality than Charlotte and Chloe bring here to Sovereign!

The Kickstart program, which launched in September 2020, is designed to help 18-24 year olds on Universal Credit enter the workforce, often starting with jobs they might not have considered before and preventing them from becoming long-term unemployed.


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