Teaching qualifications

Evelyn Street Primary leads regional campaign for great schools

A NEW chapter in the professional development of teachers and principals across the region has begun – with Evelyn Street Primary School in Warrington at its heart.

Generate Teaching Hub is one of 87 teaching centers which have now started operating across England, replacing the previous network of over 800 small teaching schools.

The role of the hub is to provide high quality development for teachers and principals to nearly 300 schools in three local authority areas: Warrington, Halton and Wigan.

The hub is run by Warrington Primary Academy Trust’s Evelyn Street Primary in Warrington, with a back room team based at another WPAT school, Simms Cross Primary in Widnes. Generate was made possible through a partnership between four schools: Wade Deacon High School in Widnes, Bridgewater High School in Warrington, Golborne High School in Wigan and Evelyn Street Primary in Warrington.

The hub is off to a good start, currently offering online and face-to-face training and support to student teachers, and launching a new national support program for 300 newly qualified teachers and mentors. The center also offers advanced skills development programs for experienced teachers and future leaders through the series of six government-funded national professional qualifications; more than 200 teachers are expected to register each year.

Generate Teaching Hub is firmly focused on meeting the training and development needs of schools in the region for years to come. Staff from all schools in the three local communities were invited to participate in a training and development survey so that the cluster could get a more detailed picture of the schools’ future needs.

Bernard Clarke, director of Generate Teaching Hub, said; “Our goal is to generate innovative learning and collaboration to support schools in their work. Great schools depend on great training and great support, and that’s what we’re here to do.

To learn more about Generate Teaching Hub, please visit generateteachinghub.org