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Final thoughts on Washington’s 26-16 loss to No.4 Oregon – the Athletic

SEATTLE – Let’s go.

1. Coach Jimmy Lake’s row with linebacker Ruperake Fuavai has become game history for Washington, further embarrassing the Huskies. Athletic Director Jen Cohen was moved to respond to my request for comment on Saturday night, saying the school would look into the incident and that “We have high expectations of the conduct of our coaches.” The fact that Cohen even brought up the matter is quite revealing on its own. She is clearly not happy with how this season has gone, and now she has to deal with an ugly domestic scenario on top of that.

2. To this end, Lake does what you absolutely cannot do when you are not winning games: he embarrasses the program with his words and actions. First it was “academic prowess”, then the touchdown. Aside from the actual mechanics of this incident, it seems indisputable to me that Lake is at least guilty of losing control of his emotions, the very thing he said he warned his players about all week. I think back to former men’s basketball coach Lorenzo Romar, who was always going to get the benefit of the doubt in the face of a lagging win-loss record because of the way he behaved and the respect and respect. the admiration he had cultivated. Lake does the opposite, and Cohen’s patience must run out. It’s one thing if a coach doesn’t live up to expectations on the pitch but is rock solid in all other phases of the job. What if you lose and make the headlines for silly comments and questionable behavior? It’s putting you – and your boss – in a difficult position. Lake has probably been coaching his job for the past three weeks.