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Friends of Oregon School District awards grants for 3D pens, AVID program | Education

Students in the Oregon School District will design objects from scratch and learn the benefits of being together with the help of two grants from the Friends of Oregon School District.

The Friends provided funding for teachers Michelle Minter and Velvet Holmes of Rome Corners Middle School and Forest Edge Elementary School to purchase 3D pens for students to create wearable designs; and Brandi Hussli, Oregon High School Advancement Coordinator Via Individual Determination (AVID), to pay students who have a lack of opportunities to attend a leadership conference where they will discover the need for human connection and how it translates into their education, a Jan. 7 press release from the District States.

The grants, named “Creating Opportunities for Oregon Learners” (COOL), are presented each semester to teachers who wish to create enhanced opportunities that encourage alignment with the district’s mission to focus on both ‘child as a whole and on educational equity, states liberation. The Friends’ Board of Directors reviews and approves teacher grant applications.

The 3D pens serve as a handy tool that can be used in a variety of activities, the release said.

“This project is very differentiated, giving all students access to the experience in the way that is most relevant, accessible and engaging for them,” Minter said in the press release. “3D pens are also excellent tools for formative and summative assessment, allowing students to express their understanding of content in a tangible, relevant and practical way. “

AVID students, who are often first-generation students who participate in a four-year program to prepare them for college courses while still in high school, will learn from Tom Krieglstein his “dance floor theory. At the Leadership Conference.

“Tom calls on humans to rediscover some form of human interaction and the importance it plays in leadership and general well-being,” Hussli said in the press release.

Funding for the grant is provided to Friends through the Oregon Area Educational Foundation. The nonprofit Friends group has provided more than $ 250,000 in grants and donations since 2016, the press release said.