Gajraj Rao: Surekha ji’s Childish Enthusiasm Will Always Stay With Me | Hindi movie news

Bollywood mourns the loss of talented veteran actress Surekha Sikri. She died Friday morning at the age of 75, following a cardiac arrest. She was suffering from complications from a second stroke.

His last big screen release was “Badhaai Ho”, released in 2018. This film is considered one of his best performances. Gajraj Rao, who tried out the role of Surekha Sikri’s son in ‘Badhaai Ho’, fondly remembered their time together and shared with ETimes, “Surekha ji is no longer with us today, but the Memories of his relentless dedication to his craft and his child- how enthusiasm will always stay with me. Expressing that he was lucky to have shared the setting with the mainstay of acting, Gajraj Rao added : “I will always be grateful to have had the honor of working with a legend like her in” Badhaai Ho “.

Gajraj Rao also wrote an emotional post on social media, remembering the veteran actress and shared, “’Badhaai Ho’ will always be that special train journey that brought me to a new station in life, and i am truly grateful that we had someone like Surekha ji as the emotional anchor of this ship. She was certainly the youngest at heart on the sets and had no air whatsoever about her stature or endless experience as one. as an actress. Her job was defined by her years of homework and “riyaaz” as an actress, combined with a childish enthusiasm. As all journeys must eventually end, we say goodbye to Surekha ji today Thank you, Surekha ji, for all the wisdom and memories you have left with us.

‘Badhaai Ho’ has earned Surekha Sikhri enormous praise and appreciation. She won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film. In 1988, she won the National Award for Best Supporting Actress for “Tamas” and in 1995, she won the same honor for “Mammo”.