Giving birth builds community enthusiasm

On September 12, UW Oshkosh celebrated its 150th birthday, honoring the first day of classes in 1871 with a college-wide day of giving started by the UW Oshkosh Office of Advancement, and raised 99,739, $ 56.

“In recognition of UW Oshkosh’s 150th anniversary, an endowment fund called ‘150 funds’ has been established within the UW Oshkosh Foundation,” said Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Development Lynn Kleman. “This endowment fund will provide financial resources in perpetuity and provide programs, departments and special projects at UW Oshkosh the opportunity to apply for funding to assist in their efforts.”

The main objective of the Give 150 fund is to improve the experiences and opportunities of students while they are here.

The money will be used to “increase the intellectual, cultural and human sensibilities of the students; scientific, professional and technological expertise; and sense of purpose. In addition to “promoting the University’s commitment to sustainability by embracing its dimensions of social justice, economic security and ecological integrity”.

The 24 hour goal was to reach $ 150,000 for the 150th, but the nearly $ 100,000 raised is still extremely useful to UWO.

Donations have come in large and small amounts, but every penny is precious. Former student Jerry Gonyo ’64 donated $ 50,000 to challenge others to donate on Giving Day.

“His enthusiasm in honoring the 150th anniversary with this challenging giveaway catapulted the day to the next level,” Kleman said. “We are grateful to all who gave gifts on this day and will continue to celebrate their generosity over the coming year.”

Gonyo has been a big contributor to UWO support. His charitable donations since 2005 have supported a variety of initiatives and events.

“Over the past several years, in my active giving efforts, I have tried to tie strings to my donations, which has resulted in programs and efforts that have supported dedicated efforts,” Gonyo said in a statement. interview with UW Oshkosh Today. “My current donation is related to maintaining the spirit of UWO’s 150th anniversary.”

The UWO seeks to make this an annual event.

“We are thrilled to be able to make Giving Day an annual event to commemorate the first day of class at UW Oshkosh,” said Kleman. “September 12 is a special day on this campus and we are fortunate to keep it on the foreground of our minds forever. “