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HATSS launches “Earn While You Learn” program


HATSS launched “Earn While You Learn” with a view to instilling proper business and enterprise culture in students to enable them to improve their skills and serve as “student volunteers” at a young age.


Prepare each student for a future journey in their desire to become the best professional chefs and to serve the community.

Our program is about shaping and enhancing every student’s mindset for their dream job and becoming a gateway for everyone to reach the right academic and professional platform.

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“We say that India is a country of young people but it is a country of educated but unemployed people. HATSS will change this image and make India a country of educated and capable young people. That day is not far off when every child who completes his studies will aim not to ask for a job but to create a job.

How it works

The HATSS “Earn While You Learn” overseas placement support program offers students the opportunity to earn while learning through part-time jobs. Instead of taking regular graduation and post-graduation studies, students prefer to take short-term professional courses in order to start planning at an early age. The allowance also helps them correct their behavior and become self-sufficient rather than dependent on their parents.

‘Learning by doing’ and ‘earning by learning’ is one of the most important pillars of future career development. The HATSS program is a great combination of work and learning. Students from various majors not only support their studies financially, but also gain practical experience that will support them in their later careers. This helps students gain first-hand experience of the business world and thus develop their self-confidence and personality. As a result, students are encouraged to pursue vocational training or part-time jobs after completing their regular courses or during vacations, which would improve their grade at the time of final internships. We also envision that they will become future employers with the ownership and responsibility they demonstrate while learning with us. Students need to weigh their skills and knowledge in qualification more wisely because skills and abilities are also important with grades or grades.

Benjamin Franklin quotes: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn”, which defines the HATSS Overseas Placement Support program.

What is the HATSS Overseas Placement Support Program?

At HATS, we offer job-specific platforms through our international hotel partners for students to choose and develop their careers. Along with certification, these programs typically focus on providing students with hands-on education, real-time experience, leadership skills, and business acumen.

HATSS placement concepts are more skill-based than theory-based, as you gain hands-on experience while performing the task and training offered to you as a student and intern. A little higher than taking any course at your school or university.

The HATSS team provides the link between education and the world of work. It is usually provided to hand-picked students by a team of experts in the same field who have decades of experience under their belts. This team is a dedicated group of mentors, trainers, coaches, and senior executives who will pave the way for students who aspire to become professionals with a mentor-mentee relationship. Mentoring will also be an ongoing process as everyone who graduates from our school will be chosen to join the HATSS Club of Hospitality Professionals.

Who can join this HATSS Overseas job placement support program?

Students who are currently studying as undergraduates or graduates will be able to enroll and qualify for the course which will last 1-2 months and will differ depending on each case.

Some FAQs

Is working and learning a good option?

  • Yes. Definitively! And the list of good positive things are……..
  • It offers students the opportunity to earn money while learning to cover their education expenses when they return to school or plan to continue their education. Every saving from this income will help them build their own self-funded career.
  • Exposes students to the world of work culture before actual employment and prepares them to balance work life.
  • Gives students hands-on experience and builds their morale and confidence, preparing them much stronger and better for jobs in the future and choosing the right career path.
  • The HATSS “Earn While You Learn” overseas placement support program is proving to be a major draw for several students who would otherwise have dropped out due to financial reasons or dropped out due to constraints. We will also support them in rebuilding their careers.

Need to earn while learning:

  • Earning while learning is more than a necessity for students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds with family moral support.
  • Working learners are more concerned with improving their resumes and gaining work experience than with paying tuition and school fees.
  • Working students are upwardly mobile, much more aware of working conditions, teamwork, company ethics and the world they will be entering, so they will be emotionally prepared from the start. and mentally, the changes they should expect after graduating from college.
  • Working learners develop stronger connections between the worlds of work and education while learning to communicate, listen, lead and grow.
  • Students are aware of their body values ​​and quickly choose their ideals in their field of competence. Like a finance graduate might choose to copy their CFO as their ideal with the interaction and story behind the success experience.
  • Already active graduates benefit from their work experience, which becomes an asset when they enter the labor market and choose their field of activity.
  • Even for adults, who wish to study more, can rely on work while learning if they had dreams cut short for any financial, moral, industrial or mentorship support.

Benefits of the HATSS Overseas Placement Support Program:

  • This program offers wider employment opportunities compared to traditional education or university.
  • Business programs allow students to not only excel technically but overall enhance the intern’s personality by learning electives such as English, soft skills, and information technology, to name a few. some.
  • The HATSS placement concept has a shorter training time compared to traditional apprenticeship. Students find it difficult to find a job and are not satisfied with what they are doing despite devoting 2-5 years full time to the course, but here in a short time they are choosing wisely and s install quickly.
  • A holder of an internship abroad has a good attitude towards work, which makes it easy for him to adapt to the environment of the industry.

One last word

Personally I wanted to add one last piece of my inner feelings and responsibility as a parent and leader of this group that “our ultimate goal is also to uplift the community” and one of my long term dreams is to support this initiative through a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. This CSR initiative will not only put young people in a good network of jobs and opportunities in the hospitality industry, but will also be something the community needs at a time when there are so many people interested in the market. .

Our year-end goal for 2022 is to be a gateway to at least nearly 1000 students and beyond, selecting hand-picked stars and engaging their participation in the Middle East Hotel Leadership Program and by being their best mentors.

What are you waiting for go ahead and help yourself to refer students around you for this beautifully planned program that has no limit for education, on-the-job training and mentorship ?

Irfan (Founder and Chairman of HATSS; Email: [email protected]; Phone: 9949690510 Website: