INNOVATION: Ivan Genza from ‘Tusoma Online’ talks e-learning
Interaction with learners

INNOVATION: Ivan Genza from ‘Tusoma Online’ talks e-learning

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the normal school calendar and interrupted educational activities.

The education sector is among the most affected in the country.

The disruption, however, has spawned many e-learning approaches, one of which is the Tusoma Online mobile app which enables teaching and learning sessions.

Ivan Genza, COO at ‘Tusoma Online’ told ChimpReports that with the lockdown of 2020, his team has come up with a local Ugandan tech startup solution to help struggling learners keep up with their education.

The stagnation in academic progress brought on by the constant and seemingly eternal school closings, Genza said, requires an immediate response from technologists.

“With our new online platform, learners can be assured of constantly updating their knowledge through online review sessions with teachers and gradually gaining advanced knowledge by reading ahead with guidance from teachers. teachers in a virtual classroom, ”he said.

Genza added that the Tusoma Online app will help complement the government’s educational efforts through radio, television and print reading material.

“We are also ready to work with elementary and secondary schools to provide an online platform for their students, although this would require regulatory intervention from the ministry,” said Genza.

What is Tusoma Online?

Well, just like the name, this is an online platform connecting learners to teachers for online review at

How it works?

It’s simple, learners search Tusoma Online for any topic of interest provided in the app.

The platform also provides a list of teacher-led sessions available for that topic, where a learner can select a session and join the teacher in a virtual classroom through Tusoma Online.

So who can join Tusoma?

Teachers of all subjects from primary 1 (P.1) to secondary 6 (S.6) and learners from primary 1 (P. 1) to secondary 6 (S.6).

Why join Tusoma Online?

Good question, it helps learners refresh themselves as they benefit more from teacher-led review sessions.

Learners also read ahead and are introduced to new topics to advance their knowledge to new levels.

Another beauty of this is that learners can join advanced courses of their choice at any time, helping them deepen their knowledge by studying advanced levels, while helping them refresh themselves by studying lower level courses.

For on-demand sessions, they log in to review with a teacher anytime, anywhere.

For example, learners connect directly to a teacher for only Shs 2,900 per online review session.

So what is the durability of Tusoma and what is the capacity of a session?

Well I would be lying to you if I said I know others but in terms of sustainability we are here to stay and not profit from the pandemic.

And like I said before, we sat down as a group and thought of a better way to help students and pupils refresh and learn.

So in terms of ability, learners study in classes of up to 30 for effective teacher-learner interaction and another beauty is that a learner can rate the teacher after every session to ensure quality on the platform.

For teachers, the platform allows you to teach students when it’s convenient for you and keep learners progressing while helping them stay up to date with previously acquired knowledge and stay ahead of the curve. potential topics.

The platform enables teachers to earn income from the comfort of their own homes and is entitled to earn weekly bonuses for good performance and high grades from learners.

Interesting! So how do you register, are there any registration fees?

Any licensed teacher can join and access the platform along with learners and costs, there is absolutely no registration fee, learners and teachers sign up for free and start earning income hourly and to study.

All you need is identification: national identity card; passport; or driver’s license in your name, Passport photo: a full-color digital photo ID and you’re ready to go. Visit and register.

Wait a minute, how are these teachers paid?

They will be paid via Mobile Money: phone number registered for mobile money in their name.

For learners, what are we going to do on Tusoma Online?

Make a personal review schedule beforehand, search for courses according to your schedule, select from the list of available scheduled courses, subscribe to the course and once you subscribe you will be sent a Zoom link for the course by email and you can join the course at the scheduled time.

Form focus groups with your colleagues and join the same class for help from teachers.
Benefit from reviewing with smart learners from different schools and learning from experienced teachers from different schools.

For teachers:

Set up online teaching sessions using the Zoom compatible platform. We can hold as many sessions as he wishes, for as many subjects / subjects as he can teach.

For example, a history teacher might set up 10 sessions per week for “History for S.4”, each session covering a different topic in the curriculum.

Each online session will last 55 minutes.

Once you’ve set up your sessions, learners will be able to view and subscribe. A maximum of 30 learners can register for a session.

Teachers earn Shs 2000 per learner per session and can track their income on the go through their Tusoma Online portfolio on their profile page.

Tusoma Online will pay your total earnings at the end of each month through your registered mobile money number.

What do I need to join Tusoma Online?

Internet-enabled device: a laptop or mobile device with an Internet connection.

Teaching license: a license from the Ministry of Education and Sports.
Computer skills: ability to use computers for educational purposes.