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JAGSOM inaugurates its 27th batch of the two-year PGDM program

The inaugural event started with diksha-aarambh Bengaluru, Karnataka, India (NewsView) Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSOM) hosted the launching ceremony for its 27th batch of the two-year PGDM program at an online event held on July 1, 2021. QS-ranked PGDM Specialty Programs in Marketing, Finance, and Analytics are scheduled to begin in August 2021. JAGSOM has a unique admissions process in which applicants are assessed by faculty, alumni and experts from the ‘industry. The evaluation is based on an innovation potential test followed by personal interaction with the jury. For the first time, JAGSOM has introduced interaction with the shoulder class (Students of the current class of 2020-22). The shoulder pack has the opportunity to interact with their potential juniors. The final selection at JAGSOM is based on the “value fit” of each candidate. Addressing the students at the online inauguration, Dr Atish Chattopadhyay, Director of JAGSOM, said, “If there is faculty effort and if there is learner effort and if the two hold hands; learners realize their professional aspirations. It doesn’t matter where you start, but what you achieve in the future is what matters. JAGSOM focuses on training enthusiastic learners as professionals for new age roles in new age industries. The Institution believes in the admission of rough diamonds and converts them into polished diamonds. JAGSOM’s unique curriculum and pedagogy act as a learner potential multiplier to enable learners to realize their true potential. Driven by its focus on diversity, JAGSOM has a unique mix of cohorts that will play an important role in the learning experience of participants in the classroom. The new 2021-23 cohort is a diverse group with 45% women. It is represented in around 20 Indian states. The bundle includes an excellent mix of students with corporate backgrounds in IT, tourism and ITES. This mix of experience and recent graduates from diverse academic backgrounds, supported by gender diversity and geographic diversity, creates an eclectic mix to stimulate peer learning. JAGSOM founder Mr. Sanjay Padode welcomed the students and their parents. In his address to the students, he said: “The inauguration day signifies the beginning of a learning journey for every learner along with the faculty members. At JAGSOM, all teaching and learning is a two-way process where learners and teachers learn from each other. In our institute, our students will work with the best professors and will also experience the commitment of each faculty. We believe in the liberation of learners, and what is required of learners is to be open to teachers, to get the best out of them and to work with them for a successful career. JAGSOM has a more difficult job to do than just giving you your first job and that job will be to make you employable for life. The current batch also boasts the presence of unique talented individuals who have a passion and interest in cricket, taekwondo, tennis, basketball and volleyball, and excel in extracurricular activities. Some students have won prestigious awards and medals in several International Olympiads. About JAGSOM Bangalore and Greater Mumbai Jagdish Sheth School of Management (formerly IFIM Business School) is among the first 6 business schools in India to achieve AACSB accreditation. Recently, IFIM Business School, now Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSOM), was ranked by QS Masters in Marketing Ranking 2021 among the top 100 such programs (in the 51-100 band) in the world for its PGDM (Marketing ). It has also been ranked in the 101-150 band globally in the QS Masters in Finance ranking for its PGDM (Finance) program. JAGSOM’s various programs include (1) PGDM / MBA: Graduate Diploma in Management / Residential 2-year MBA with international super-specializations in Martech, Fintech, Big Data Analytics, Digital Transformation and HR (2) Specialized PGDM – offering new age roles specializations: PGDM (Marketing), PGDM (Finance) and PGDM (Business Analytics) (3) PGDM IB: Dual Degree Pathway program in association with the State University of New York (Albany) and the Sydney Business School (UOW) (4) PGDM LFH: a unique home learning program that brings the learning experience on campus from home and (5) BBA at Vijaybhoomi University in Greater Mumbai, with course options with ESCP Europe, ESC Rennes and UOW Australia. Actively engaged in research and consulting, JAGSOM hosts several centers of excellence such as the AIM-Parasuraman service center of excellence. JAGSOM has an elite set of international academic partners, including leading institutes such as ESCP-London, Darden School of Business (University of Virginia) and McCombs Business School (University of Texas at Austin ). JAGSOM has four distinct anchors that support its overall educational philosophy: • Training T-shaped professionals with a unique curriculum aligned with the needs of Industry 4.0 • A mix of academics with PhDs and experienced faculty specialized in the practice-oriented field – renowned business schools offering super specializations in new-age fields.

• Industry connection programs to train “Beyond Tomorrow” professionals. For more information, please visit / Image: JAGSOM faculty members ushering in the Diksha-Aarambh event for the 27th PGDM PWR PWR student group

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