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Jigawa government approves naira 1.9 billion for education

The Jigawa State Executive Council approved the release of 1.9 billion naira for the implementation of various projects in the public education sector.

Information, Youth, Sports and Culture Commissioner Alhaji Bala Ibrahim said yesterday when briefing reporters on the results of the executive council meeting chaired by Governor Muhammad Badaru Abubakar.

He said that N419.9 million had been approved for the construction of 13 blocks of 6-person pit latrines and 11 hand pumps in Bureau of Islamic Education schools across the state.

He said the contract included the general renovation and construction of fences and kitchen blocks at Kaugama Government Arab Secondary School and Danzomo Government Arab Secondary School for Girls, as well as the construction of three blocks of classrooms. class at Government Day Kiri, Harbo and Maje Arab Secondary School.

In addition, the council approved the allocation of a contact in the amount of 437 million naira for the supply of 2,238 pieces of furniture for early childhood development education, 5,874 sets of furniture for primary education. 1-3, 5,874 sets of elementary grades 4 through 6 and the supply of 5,874 sets of junior high school classroom furniture to be completed within 14 weeks, ”he said.

Governor Badaru recently said that building the capacity of herders by improving their education would help them understand and adopt modern animal husbandry techniques and, taking this into account, his government would establish 200 nomadic schools in addition to the more than 400 that already exist in the state. .

“We will employ 10 herders who have teaching qualifications in each of the 27 local government zones and improve over 452 grazing reserves in the state,” he added.

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