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Karren Brady’s career advice to a mother of two who wants to get into teaching

APPRENTICE star and West Ham United vice-chairman Karren Brady answers your career questions and meets an inspiring CEO.

She gives career advice to a saleswoman who wants to resume her role


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Q) I’m 42, have a part-time job in the back office of a bank that I usually enjoy, plus two fabulous kids and a supportive husband. But I can’t help but feel like something is missing. Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher, but instead started working in the bank right after school.

Before the pandemic, I mentioned to my mother that I would still like to be a teacher and she laughed at the idea of ​​me retraining at this point. I’m too scared to talk to my husband in case he takes the mickey too and my dreams will be shattered. Do you have any advice?

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A) Imagine the next 25 years stuck in a job you don’t enjoy. Now imagine spending the next 25 years doing something you love and are passionate about. It is surely obvious! Teaching is a great career – not only will it give you job security, but it’s also the most direct way to positively impact a child’s (or adult’s) life.

Sign up with Getintteaching.education.gov.uk, which is packed with information to guide you every step of the way, such as what age group you want to teach, what qualifications you need, how to get funding and how to apply. Then, chat with your husband. Explain that you’ve looked into the details of training to become a teacher to see if it’s feasible for your finances and lifestyle, and now that you have all the information, you want to discuss it with him.

Once he sees how committed you are, he should take you seriously and support you. A complete career change will undoubtedly have an impact on your family and your finances, but with all their support, I am confident that it will be a positive change. Good luck

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A day in the life…

Alice Will, 37, is the co-founder of Lux, an Edinburgh-based creative agency for food and drink brands. She lives in Juniper Green, near Edinburgh, with her designer/artist partner Jonathan, 39.

I wake up at…

6 a.m. I like slow-paced mornings. I do half an hour of yoga then go back to bed for half an hour with a coffee before getting ready. Then I walk my two dogs.

A normal day involves…

I’m in front of my computer at 9:30. The nine-to-five doesn’t exist in a creative agency, but we don’t sacrifice our personal lives and well-being to go beyond that. In January 2020, we introduced a four-day week and saw a 24% increase in productivity, as well as a 30% increase in profitability. When our people feel valued, nourished, energized and well rested, they are much more productive. I take every Monday off, work two days from home and two in our purpose-built studio kitchen in Edinburgh. Often, I am on the road to meet clients.

This week I was at a gin distillery immersing myself in a brand of gin – learning about the botanicals, the production process, and getting a guided tasting. Mornings are dedicated to client projects, while afternoons are business focused, discussing strategy with my partner Mhairi MacLeod. Before, I was glued to my desk and forgot to take a break. But now I have an hour off at noon, and if I’m home, I’m back with my dogs.

The best thing about my job is…

The variety. Food and drink affects many lifestyle factors, from initiatives that encourage the nation to live better through what it eats, to campaigns with the government to reduce food waste, or with wine brands and of whiskey to add fun and leisure.

And the worst…

The buck always stops with Mhairi and me, and we constantly turn a lot of plates, so I really feel the pressure. It’s about feeling comfortable with the uncomfortable.

I relax by…

Walk the dogs. I used to frantically cook in batches on Sundays, but now I enjoy the cooking process, and if it’s a Friday, I’ll do it with a glass of red wine in hand. Midweek, I go to bed before 10 p.m. I really feel the benefits of sleep.

For more information about Lux, visit Getlux.fr.

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