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Kate Middleton and Princess Anne use different approaches to royal duties, royal expert says

Kate Middleton and Princess Anne use different approaches to royal duties, royal expert says

Royal Expert Richard fitzwilliams claimed that Princess Anne and Kate Middelton, Duchess of Cambridge, have “different approaches” to royal duties. The two high-ranking members of the royal family embarked on a royal function together sometimes this week.

Royal expert compares ways Princess Anne and Kate Middleton handle royal duties

The term royal commentatored the link “very interesting and explained how Anne undertakes several royal tours. He maintained that she toured more than Katebut with less advertising. Mr. fitzwilliams also said that but Kate manages fewer sponsorshipsshe has a lot more in them.

Mr. fitzwilliams said: “It’s very interesting because they have approaches. The Princess Royal Is vast Number of commitments. Katherine less but she concentratesthis is the Cambridge seem to do, not quite as much patronage but doing more for those they accept.

He continued, “As well Catherine is so high profile, the most glamorous royal couple in the world, her and William. While Princess Anne prefers a low profile and does an awful lot of hard work. The two have totally different styles. Obviously Catherine is a future queen, Anne has her own niche and has been brilliantly successful.

And also both are extremely popular. Anne showed an understanding of the difficulties for the royal family in a time of scrutiny, even more than there was when she was younger. Catherine is in the media spotlight now, Anne was.

Earlier this week, Princess Anne and Duchess Kate stopped by the headquarters of medical groups operating in maternal health. Anne and Kate are Patrons of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG), respectively.

During the official visit, Princess Anne was fully engaged in conversation with health experts. She asked many questions and offered her expertise in the area of ​​midwifery. Towards the end of the visit, Princess Anne and Kate launched a plaque in commemoration of the opening of the resort.