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Kenya: Kisii Governor Simba Arati promises to deal ruthlessly with transplant

Kisii – “I, the Honorable Paul Simba Arati, swear that i will always truly and diligently serve the people of the republic of kenya in the office of governor of kisii county, diligently discharge my duties and fulfill my duties in office and I will do justice to all in accordance with the constitution and laws of Kenya, without fear of fostering affection or ill will, so help me God.”

These were the words of the Governor of Kisii, Simba Arati, as he took the oath of office which was also administered to forty-five governors across Kenya.

Arati was also handed the instruments of power by outgoing Governor James Ongwae who made a smooth transition.

Speaking after his swearing in, Arati said he would deal ruthlessly with corruption cartels, land grabbers and hold his government accountable.

The governor described it as a trip to reviving the county from corrupt cartels and empowering the county’s lazy workers.

“We have to agree, I have to promise my outgoing governor, we have to fight corruption in our county and also return seized government land to a few individuals,” he said.

He further stated that he would welcome a team from the old regime.

“Those who looted the public purse should come and apologise, maybe they will forgive you but be prepared to face the courts,” he said.

He said he made a commitment to unify the people of Kisii and lead them on a journey to maintain the social economy for the administration of the people of Kisii.

“My administration will pursue accountability in the management of public institutions in the performance of their duties,” he said.

Arati pointed out that it is possible for Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital to generate its own revenue without depending on the county government.

“We are going to give young people the constitutional right to access 30% of government tenders,” he said.

He further indicated that he would be ready to consult Ongwae and Senator Ongeri who have experience when he needs help.

The new governor said he was ready to complete all the projects initiated by his predecessor James Ongwae and to initiate new ones as he had promised.

Ongwae on his part congratulated Arati for winning the governorship of Kisii and applauded the people of Kisii for electing the new governor.

“I ask you to complete the Cancer Center, you start by identifying the contractor. I also ask you to complete the Mother-Child Hospital which is almost complete, Suneka Airstrip, Sugar Mill and Gusii Stadium” , did he declare.