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Lake City Chamber Seeks New Board Members | New

LAKE CITY – The Lake City Area Chamber of Commerce is seeking nominations for those interested in serving on the chamber’s board of directors. With three seats available, Executive Director Michelle Reichert said it was an opportunity for people to make a difference in the community.

“It’s a chance for their voices to be heard,” Reichert said. “It’s a chance to give a valuable contribution and bring their knowledge and education to the community.

Each seat will have a three-year term, starting in October 2021 and ending in 2024. Reichert said those selected should:

• Attend monthly meetings

• Participate in the work of the committee

• Attend Chamber functions (when available)

• Serve as an ambassador for the organization and the business community in general

For those interested, Reichert said they will need to submit a short biography, their association and experiences with the county, and their vision for the future of Missaukee and the House. Nominations should be submitted to House Speaker Andrea Martin at [email protected] by September 1.

Once received, Reichert said the nominations would be placed on a ballot for a House member’s vote in mid-September.

“We’re just looking for people dedicated to growing Missaukee County,” Reichert said.

Any additional questions about the process and required tasks can be directed to Martin via email or by calling the House directly at 231-839-4969.

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