Larry David Confirms ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Season 12

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Calm your enthusiasm is now 22 and debuted on HBO in 2000. Over those two decades, Larry David has been involved in every conceivable way of awkward social situations, annoyed a wide variety of guest stars and helped clear someone. one of a murder.

Now we know there is more to come. Deadline reports that David appeared at a TV Academy event at the Director’s Guild of America last night, where he was asked if there would be more Curb. David confirmed there would be, but did not give an estimate of when it would happen.

new seasons of Calm your enthusiasm appear whenever David wants to release them, and there was a six-year gap between his eighth and ninth releases. However, seasons ten and eleven appeared in 2020 and 2021, so we might be able to see that on HBO Max at some point later this year.

Larry David's face with a blurry gen:LOCK poster
Picture via HBO Max. Remix by Ana Valens

Season 11 showed Larry dealing with the aftermath of a burglar drowning in his swimming pool and the resulting blackmail affecting the fictional TV show “Young Larry”. It was as funny as you’d expect from David, so let’s hope that hot streak continues in season 12.

HBO Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys has confirmed that HBO will almost no longer give the green light automatically Calm your enthusiasm David wants to do, telling Deadline in February that:

“As usual, if [Larry] has a field that he is passionate about, we will do more. I imagine he will.

Hopefully, we’ll find out more about when filming will take place, who will star in it, and an approximate air date soon. In the meantime, the complete series of Calm your enthusiasm is available to stream on HBO Max.