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Letters to the Editor: October 19, 2021 | Letters to the Editor

FOR THE EDITOR: Wendell Hughes is running for re-election as Clinton County Zone 8 lawmaker and has won your support.

I’ve known Wendell for about a year now, since he joined the Plattsburgh Noon Kiwanis Club, and he’s an amazing person who really cares about our community. I have seen how hard Wendell Hughes works to serve children, the needy and the community at large. Wendell Hughes is honest, smart, does his homework and is someone you can trust.

He is the most worthy candidate in Zone 8.



FOR THE EDITOR: Had the pleasure of accompanying my step dad on the last North Country Honor Flight trip to Washington, DC

Being a veteran myself, I was honored to see the memorials, walls and Arlington National Cemetery. I have felt the privilege of being in the presence of patriotic Americans willing to selflessly give and to make the sacrifices they have made. For those who haven’t had the chance to attend an Honor Flight event, it is both a fascinating and moving experience.

The experience reminded me of my friend, Steve Fulton. Steve is a candidate for the post of municipal supervisor in the town of Saranac. He too is a military veteran, retiring after more than two decades of service. After the army, Steve was a history teacher, teaching locally and abroad. Steve led a life of service. His life’s work prepared him to be the municipal supervisor of the town of Saranac.

Steve listens to people, invests in understanding what is important to them and works to help them pursue their vision and goals. Steve connects with people; he is professional and respectful. I would describe Steve as a stable personality with great problem solving skills. Steve’s leadership style is about promoting the strengths of others, he is honest and demonstrates good citizenship.

I am talking about Steve Fulton knowing that he will make an excellent municipal supervisor for the town of Saranac. Early voting will take place October 23-31 at the Clinton County Government Center. Election day is Tuesday, November 2. Voting for Steve Fulton is investing in your community.



FOR THE EDITOR: Sam Dyer, the current supervisor of the city of Beekmantown, is running for re-election on Tuesday, November 2.

Like anyone who selects a leader or administrator for an organization, the most sought after trait, and the one we should aim for when voting for a leader / administrator, is quality experience in the type of position to be filled.

Sam Dyer had many years of successful experience in Beekmantown City Government and Clinton County Government.

Sam has been: a multi-term member of the Beekmantown City Council; a multi-term Clinton County legislator who has chaired several legislative committees; Chairman of the Clinton County Council of Legislators; and supervisor of the City of Beekmantown.

Perform the tasks required by these positions; gain extensive experience in governance and knowledge of laws, regulations and government procedures; approaching issues and coordinating committees to research and resolve government issues; work with all voters from all parties and community areas; and dedicating the necessary hours each day and attending all meetings regarding the elected office made Sam Dyer an excellent municipal supervisor and the perfect choice to re-elect as Beekmantown municipal supervisor.

Other aspects of Sam Dyer’s experience that have helped shape his qualifications as an excellent city supervisor are: over 40 years of successfully owning and operating his own businesses; Large family dairy farm; wholesale local vegetable and farm products stand; Dyer Farm Livestock Sales; and a snow removal company.

Sam is an extremely hardworking, honest, outspoken, caring man whose experiences and qualifications make him not only a great candidate for Beekmantown City Supervisor, but the best candidate.

Vote for Sam Dyer for the municipal supervisor of Beekmantown this election of 2021.



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