Duties and functions

Luis Felipe Vieira suspends his functions as president of Benfica

In the statement read by the lawyer, Luis Filipe Vieira states: “In view of the events of recent days, as part of the red card operation, in which I am directly targeted, and although the investigation may be a factor of embarrassment, I immediately suspend my functions as president of Sport Lisboa e Benfica as well as all club members. I call on all Benfica fans to remain calm in defending the good reputation of the wonderful institution that is Benfica.

And so Magalhães e Silva confirmed it to journalists “From that moment, Mr. Luis Filipe Vieira suspended his functions as Chairman of SLB and its subsidiaries.

The lawyer added that “The suspension is not a concession” and that the decision was communicated simultaneously to the media and to “interested structures”.

Asked by reporters about the time of this comment, Magalhães e Silva said he was about to do so. Commentary “While the performance of the duties could harm the ongoing investigation.”

About Luis Filipe Vieira, the lawyer said that there is “Perfect serenity” and that this affirmation reveals “a sense of responsibility between the personal position of the individual and the institutional position and the dominance of the institutional position over the personal position”.

Luis Felipe Vieira, his son Thiago Vieira and two trusted businessmen of Benfica president José Antonio dos Santos – known as “Chicken King” – and Bruno Macedo, responsible for negotiating the return of Jorge Jesus to the club , have been He was arrested on Wednesday as part of an investigation by the Central Directorate of Investigations and Criminal Procedure.

In disagreement the facts that have occurred, “essentially, from 2014 to the present day and likely to form part of the practice, among others, offenses of dishonesty, restrictive fraud, forgery, tax evasion and money laundering ”, as referred to by DCIAP.

The four arrests took place following searches that targeted, in addition to Vieira, the headquarters of Benfica, businessman José Antonio dos Santos and the headquarters of Novo Banco.

The public prosecutor confirmed that 45 searches had been carried out in “the company headquarters, their homes, law firms and a banking establishment”, in “the regions of Lisbon, Torres Vedras and Braga”.

The investigation by the Tax Agency is the analysis of “cases and financing of a total amount greater than 100 million euros, which may have caused significant damage to the State and to certain companies”.

On Thursday, the investigating judge identified the detainees and the defense consulted the evidence until 10 p.m.