Mahaprabodhan Yatra | Shiv Sainiks’ Enthusiasm Shown in Thane’s Mahaprabodhan Yatra IG News

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Thane: Having seized power after Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s rebellion, now having had the party symbol and name ripped off by the election commission. Under the Mahaprabodhan Yatra of the Thackeray group, the first meeting was held at Gadkari Rangayatan in Thane. Meanwhile, there was a lot of excitement among Shiv Sainiks. Shiv Sainiks reached the meeting place to the rhythm of the traditional tune with music.

The meeting was convened under the leadership of MP Thane Rajan Vichare and Thajre faction district leader Kedar Dighe. During this, Deputy Leader Anita Birje fiercely attacked the Shinde faction and said those who betrayed the party and the Thackeray family and took such a step for their political ambitions, they will definitely be shown their place.

Rangayatan was packed, workers also stood in front of the theater

Head of Shiv Sena Bhaskar Jadhav, Secretary of Shiv Sena Vinayak Raut and Deputy Head of Shiv Sena Sushmatai Andhare, Rajan Raje of Dharmarajya Paksha addressed the workers at the town hall meeting of the Chief Minister’s home region Eknath Shinde. Meanwhile, Gadkari was crowded with workers from Rangayatan. Meanwhile, hundreds of workers were seen standing outside the theater and listening to the meeting speech.

Shiv Sainiks showed enthusiasm

After the successful gathering in Shivaji Park, a new communication of enthusiasm is seen among the Shiv Sainiks. Under which now the Thackeray Shiv Sena faction was seen enthusiastically joining in the beginning of his Mahaprabodhan Yatra from Thane. Yet it’s fine. Which is to be held at Gadkari Rangayatan in Thane on Sunday. However, party leader Uddhav Thackeray and Aaditya Thackeray were not present at this public meeting. While there was talk in the early days, this Mahayatra would depart from Thane and Thackeray himself would bring the workers to life.