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Malawi Takes Chair of AUSC Region 5 Council

The Chronicle

Sikhumbuzo Moyo, senior sports journalist
MALAWI Youth and Sports Minister Ulemu Msungama is the new Chairman of the African Union Sports Council (AUSC) Region 5 Council of Ministers, succeeding Likeleli Tampane of Lesotho.

The elevation of Msungama was in accordance with Article 31.6 of the Region 5 constitution, which states that the presidency of the council shall alternate with the schedule of hosting regular meetings, unless otherwise decided by the majority of ministers entitled to vote. vote.

As Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Minister Msungama doubles as Chairman of the Troika of Ministers.

“The ministers responsible for sport in Mozambique and Lesotho will join Msungama to serve in the Troika for the next 24 months. Carlos Gilberto Mendes, Secretary of State for Sport of Mozambique, becomes the new vice-president of the Troika and the Council of Ministers, with Mozambique being the next host of the Region 5 Games after Malawi.

Tampane from Lesotho becomes the third member of the Region 5 Minister’s Troika as Minister responsible for sports in the country that hosted the previous Region 5 Games prior to Malawi, ”said Stanley Mutoya, Regional Director General 5 of Ausc, in a press release.

The Council of Ministers of Region 5 is the supreme governing body of the organization.

One of its many functions is to formulate policies and regulations on the administration, organization and promotion of sport in Region 5 as recommended by the executive committee.

It is also responsible for ratifying the draft annual budgets and audited annual accounts submitted to it by the executive committee.

It is also responsible for sanctioning the members of the executive committee and the heads of the confederations for any violation of the constitution of Region 5, its rules, regulations and orders or for misconduct likely to bring discredit on the region.

“It is also one of the tasks and functions of the Council of Ministers of Region 5 to bestow honors and awards to any member state, team or individual for meritorious service rendered to Region 5 of the AUSC and for exceptional achievements in national, regional or international competitions. Minister.

Msungama has the unenviable task of driving Region 5 to excel in a highly penalizing operating environment due to the restrictions induced by Covid-19. Unlike previous host countries of the Region 5 Youth Games, Malawi only has one year to prepare for the Games scheduled for December 2-11, 2022.

This follows the decision of the Region 5 Council of Ministers to hold back-to-back Games after (the) Maseru 2020 Games were postponed to 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ”Mutoya said.

Msungama will also be responsible for ensuring that the new organizational reengineering process is implemented with minimal hassle.

The new organizational model will see the region’s strategy, structure, skills and programs transform under the 3S + P model.

Under the proposed new structure, the permanent secretaries of the ministries responsible for sport in the member countries will form an advisory board to review the recommendations of the Committee of Experts of Region 5 before submitting them to the Council for adoption. ministers.

“The permanent secretaries will be part of the decision-making process of the region unlike in the past where they were not consulted or involved in the decision-making processes and structures of the region. “