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Mapua offers a home schooling program recognized by DepEd for SHS

MAPUA University has started offering Mapua HOME or Homeschool: Onboard to Modern-day Education to Secondary School (SHS) students. This new direction is part of Mapua University’s decision to champion unlimited and online learning supported by powerful educational digital technology tools for young students. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

MAPUA University has started offering Mapua HOME or Homeschool: Onboard to Modern-day Education, its Department of Education (DepEd) approved home-schooling program that provides alternative and flexible high school education (SHS) .

Mapua HOME is offered for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), ABM (Accounting, Business and Management), HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) and GAS (General Academic Stream) streams.

This new direction is part of Mapua’s decision to champion unlimited, online learning supported by powerful educational digital technology tools so that young students are not bound by time, distance and even circumstances that hinder learning. continuous learning.

The program will encourage learners to exercise independent learning, creativity, and discovery while using the University’s cutting-edge educational solutions, information and communications technology systems, and other available media.

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Students will have access to Mapua E-text Infinity Solution (Metis), an enterprise solution of various e-books and digital solutions from Wiley, Cengage and McGraw Hill; virtual laboratory simulations in Biology, Chemistry and Physics; and the Matlab, a programming and numerical computing platform used to analyze data, develop algorithms and create models.

Learners will also use Grammarly and Turnitin to develop their writing skills and reinforce good revision habits.

They will also use Mapua’s collection of online databases, digital documents, audio, video and other institutional resources in digital format.

Mapua HOME learning materials are aligned with Mapua SHS curricula. It will engage learners with the help of certified and trained faculty members and course specialists who will guide them to acquire the skills required for the chosen streams.

Teachers, as facilitators of learners, will conduct assessments. These come in the form of (1) quizzes consisting of “check your understanding” questions and practice problems to help learners master their lessons; (2) essays or writing activities for learners to reflect on and value recognizing their learnings and how they will apply them in real-life situations; (3) long quizzes or mastery tests that cover learning the quizzes and activities performed in the learning module; (4) performance tasks such as activities, outputs and portfolios to be assigned at the end of the course module; (5) output projects such as research articles; and (6) an 80-hour professional immersion to gain hands-on experience, which matches their preferred higher education program.

Instructions will be given via Cardinal EDGE, Mapua’s online learning platform.

Pre-recorded lessons and modules will be provided to learners. For all activities and outcomes, the educational advisor will provide verbal or written feedback to learners, as well as parents, so that they can monitor their children’s learning progress.

Consulting hours each week will be conducted via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and email.

Distinguishing this modality from online instruction, which is a form of electronically-assisted learning delivery and relies heavily on the Internet for teacher-student interactions and classroom engagements, homeschooling implements asynchronous student study in combination with a form of facilitator-to-student instruction.

This makes Mapua HOME a different and more coordinated learning strategy for Mapua High School. Its discipline promotes independence by providing students with opportunities to reflect on the achievement of student outcomes through the asynchronous learning modality and encourages flexibility in distance learning by reinforcing appropriate learning strategies.

Email or visit for more information.