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Maury Co. School Board Dist. 1 candidate shares their goals

Maury Co. School Board Candidates for Dist. 1 share your goals and experience before the race

Kristen Shull

What specific experiences and qualifications do you have that make you the candidate for this position?

I have been a registered nurse for 18 years in a central Tennessee hospital on a labor and delivery floor. This position has helped me to become a good team leader, a critical thinker, someone who can react well in an emergency, able to use communication skills with a wide range of people, and a good defender and listener. I attended Riverside Elementary, Whitthorne Middle, and graduated from Columbia Central High School. As a Tennessean native and living in Colombia since the age of 10, I truly care about this town and the community and want to see it succeed and prosper in the future.

What do you see as Maury County’s top 3 priorities and how will you help achieve these priorities?

In my opinion, the top three priorities for Maury County Schools include supporting our teachers, smart growth, and ensuring that what is taught is education and critical thinking and not indoctrination. That the information we put in our children’s heads is accurate and nourishes their minds and well-being.

Unfortunately, our teachers, just like our nurses, have worked harder than ever over the past 2 years to overcome the shortages and other challenges that covid has brought with it. Once on the board, I intend to explore all the ways the board can move forward to support teachers and listen to their requests and needs. Growth is an important topic for Maury County. Growth must be done wisely and it must be focused on as soon as possible. We need to make necessary repairs to existing school facilities and also consider building wisely for the whole community. I support patriotism and the carrying out of our oath of allegiance and I take a moment of silence at the start of each day. Educational materials must be available and accessible to parents, grandparents and guardians of our students. Parents should be encouraged to participate again in the education of their children.

Maury County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state and nation. This tremendous growth will require new and improved infrastructure (ie schools, roads, water, etc.). How do you plan to make these infrastructure improvements, including any funding required?

I believe the trust between the county commission and the school board needs to be restored and strengthened. I believe all money should be accounted for. When the school board asks the county commission for money to do a project, that’s where that money has to go. I also think that the repairs that were waiting to be done should be done. As voters know, if you don’t solve a problem as soon as possible, the problem will only get worse over time. Our goal together should be to make this county better and to do what is best for the people of the county.