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Meet Vinay Sahu – How this 22 year old village boy became a successful digital entrepreneur from Chhattisgarh

Vinay Sahu says “We only live once, but if we do it right, once is more than enough.”

Everyone wants to be successful, make more money, and live a dream life, but very few endure the pain, have sleepless nights, and do whatever it takes to be one. Here we have such an example, Vinay Sahu aka Selfmadevinay – the man who went out of his way to achieve his ambitions, his ambitions to run his own business and help others grow.

Today, Vinay Sahu is one of the most innovative leaders among fast growing digital entrepreneurs, helping business coaches and mentors explode their income and impact online. Co-founder of “BM Media” (Businessmoral Media), India’s fastest growing 5-fig SMMA, and his younger brother Tushar Sahu have helped over 30 companies grow their Instagram brands and revenues.

Meet Mr. Vinay Sahu, 22, a very ambitious and humble person. He is from Machandur, Chhattisgarh. He is a Dropout CA who became a full-time Internet marketing specialist. In the early 19’s he joined network marketing, selling software and course CDs / DVDs to people and convincing them to buy them. Here he got to know about sales and marketing, also developed practical skills, negotiation skills. This process improved her public speaking by hosting networking sessions with her team at such a young age.

He worked there for a year and a half after the collapse of this company, earned some money and a wealth of knowledge and experience. His central learning in network marketing was to make your dreams come true, you need to step out of your comfort zone.

Every entrepreneurial journey is full of rejections, failures and criticisms. It was the same for him during his initial phase. No support, no mentor, no advice. Everything was empty. He didn’t know what his next step should be. Confused between what their parents told him to do and what his dream prompts him to do.

Following his passion for public interaction, he started with his community named Inspirominds, where he started training people in public speaking and personal branding online for free.

He decided to do something more with his studies such as attending a seminar, speaking in public, training people, building a team, organizing events and many more. people laughed at him about his work and his vision. When he used to go for speaking duties, every college, school and institute rejected him saying: “You are a student without a diploma; we can’t afford you.

He didn’t stop and kept trying. In the end, he did something that no one has ever done. Eight consecutive days of 20+ sessions in 20 different schools and colleges in 20 other villages. He spoke to more than 3,800 young learners. He then began to receive calls and emails from colleges and universities for his sessions. The youngest trainer worked with two Indian brands “Gillette” and “Dainik Bhaskar”.

Then comes a period of Covid-19 confinement, which it lacks. The sessions were stopped. No more speaking homework. As he was connected to social media, he started to find different ways to make money online.

He started creating video content and trying to monetize it.

He also tried selling t-shirts online as a print-on-demand service through his E-com store name Fashnate on Shopify, but failed. He also started with Drop-shipping, but it doesn’t seem to work well for him. He later introduced Affiliate Marketing and Facebook Ads.

After all these experiences and much more about online businesses in early 2020, he started his digital entrepreneurship journey with his younger brother Tushar Sahu. Tushar was marketing on Instagram. he was new to it. But then they both decided to build a fantastic reputation in online business. They started researching and contacted a lot of people who were successful in social media marketing. Invested in mentors and started to learn. After having a good knowledge of online businesses, they launched their agency named “BM Media“(Business media)

In just 16 months, their agency has reached the 6-figure milestone.

Its unique message to young people is that “don’t waste time on unnecessary things, invest it in your self-education instead. Invest in the acquisition of new skills and new experiences. This thing at a young age increases your value in the market and thus gives you more opportunities.

Remember, you are not an entrepreneur. You have not yet earned the right to be an entrepreneur. Develop your high income skills; then you can be an entrepreneur.

If you are involved with your life, you want to learn how to start and grow your existing online business. You can follow his journey on Instagram.

Posted on July 4, 2021