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Minister: Estonia should verify the qualification of heads of municipal schools | New

Estonia is strengthening its presence in Narva education. Two more high schools will soon be added to the existing public school. While they managed to find [qualified] teachers, the situation is very different in municipal schools.

“Overall, I could say that 20% of teachers in a school in Narva meet the requirements, 20% are completely hopeless and the remaining 60% would need additional language training,” said the mayor of Narva, Katri Raik.

Teachers with a modest command of Estonian will have to acquire a high level of language proficiency within two years or find another job. While the city would give teachers a last chance, the ministry is betting on finding new teachers who are promised regional bonuses and a salary increase. The actions of school leaders will be closely scrutinized.

“Attitudes matter. I propose to introduce legislation that would allow the government to check the qualifications of heads of municipal schools, suggest that they be replaced or release them from office and hire replacements if they do not pass these checks in terms of attitude or level of preparation,” said the Minister of Education.

The experience of the Estonian Language House has proven that it is possible to find teachers in Narva in other parts of Estonia.

“Let’s not underestimate the preparation of people to move from one place to another if we provide them with a good working environment and a progressive and clearly oriented organization. The role of school directors in this process is important” , said Katri Raik.

Narva kindergartens need 70 new teachers in the near future. The city government is in the process of determining this figure for schools.

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