Morse’s girls’ football team enters season with new coach and renewed enthusiasm

New Morse High School women’s soccer coach David Beauregard gives direction to his team during a recent practice in Bath. Eric Maxim / Special for The Times Record

BAIN—David Beauregard surveyed the field and shouted instructions to his new team.

“One minute!” shouted new high school women’s soccer coach Morse, referring to the start of practice.

Not a second later, Beauregard – a former volunteer assistant coach with the program – had his team lined up along the sideline.

Indeed, her shipbuilders were ready to go.

“David has been part of our women’s football coaching staff for a few years and we were very happy to transition him into the role of varsity coach,” said Morse athletic director Nathan Priest. “He has been part of the Bath community for some time, having taught at Bath Tech and Morse. He will bring a lot of solid qualities to the program, with an emphasis on physical fitness, skill development and teaching principles.

Beauregard, who retired from the Bath Police Service in 2015 after 25 years of service, will teach the new criminal justice curriculum at Bath Tech this fall. His previous experiences with football date back to the 1990s, when he helped longtime coach Dave Dorion on the boys’ side, as well as Bill Howell with the girls’ program.

New Morse High School women’s soccer coach David Beauregard reviews the action during a recent high school practice. Eric Maxim / Special for The Times Record

Although her daughter, Emma, ​​graduated last year, Beauregard decided the time was right to take the job.

“They know me quite well and we thought it was important to have continuity with the team,” he said.

The priest accepted.

“His background, combined with the positive relationships he had already established with the athletes, are things that we are excited about,” he said.

The players hailed the new enthusiasm they say their new coach has brought to the programme.

“He brought new energy and I think that’s been really good for the team,” said junior co-captain Edie McKay.

Second-year co-captain Shealyn Brochu agreed.

“He brought good energy and he tries to push us and motivate us before games,” she said.

New Morse High School women’s soccer coach David Beauregard, left, talks to his players during a recent high school practice. Eric Maxim / Special for The Times Record

Shipbuilders spent a considerable amount of time in the pre-season trying to establish their identity. A four-game date last Saturday was important for that aspect of the team to grow, Beauregard said.

“They did things before what I thought they were,” he said. “They surprised me, they surprised themselves.

“Because we are relatively young, (I ask) what can they do, how can they develop and how can I get them to move forward in this development process. They can push themselves further than they think, both physically and mentally. When they think they’re done, they have more to do. When they think something is a challenge, they just start and before they know it, they’re done. (Then) they can look back and say “wow, I didn’t think I could do this, but now I know I can”. I hope to frame this to get them to continue to think this beyond football.

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