Teaching qualifications

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Winter responded by noting her previous eight years of service and said she hopes to complete a number of ongoing projects. With three children who went through Orange County schools, she said she had volunteered in schools since 2007, until her election in 2013. She cited the long learning curve for members of the board and her experience as reasons why she should be re-elected.

“What I’ve learned is that progress takes time,” she said, adding, “The school board sets priorities for growth and improvement for student success in County of Orange The school board decides where the school board will go.

She cited a personal goal of seeing the county build a new CTE center, “where we can provide students with life opportunities after high school and prepare all students to be successful as adults.”

Over the years, the representation of minorities has declined in relation to administrative and teaching staff. What would your proposal be to help bridge the gap?

“I recognize the racial representation gap in our community. According to the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), there is 94.5% representation of non-Hispanic white teachers and 5.4% representation of people of color. In contrast, according to Data USA, the population of Orange County is 82.9% non-Hispanic white people and 17.13% people of color. This contrast represents a difference of approximately 12%. My hopes would be to encourage teacher retention through financial aid as we are losing many teachers in Northern Virginia through salary and other reasons. One of my goals is to review teacher exit interviews and determine the reason for their departure. Also, I would like to budget for a retention bonus to encourage our staff to stay in Orange County… Another problem our schools face, even across Virginia, is the shortage of bus drivers. I have several personal friends, some of whom are people of color, who have gone to Stafford schools to work because of the enrollment bonus. I would like to address this. If we look at teacher satisfaction and financial compensation, I strongly believe that we will be able to encourage our existing teaching population and encourage local residents to stay in the county for employment, hence closer representation. would follow.