Nathanson offers tips for aging surfers to maximize their enthusiasm for the sport



Nathanson A. Surf survival and surfiatrics: Because surfers age too. Presented at: International Congress of Extreme Sports Medicine. May 20-21, 2022; Boulder, Colorado.

Disclosures: Nathanson does not report any relevant financial information.

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BOULDER, Colo. – In this video from the International Congress of Extreme Sports Medicine, Andrew Nathanson, MARYLAND, discusses ways for older surfers to enjoy the sport, despite physical limitations due to aging.

“‘Surdiatrics’ is a new concept that combines the words surfing and geriatrics, and it’s about maximizing the potential of the aging surfer, as well as maintaining enthusiasm for the sport as we age,” he said. he declares.

Nathanson outlined five stages that aging surfers need to go through to get the most out of the sport: recognition, understanding, acceptance, adaptation and celebration.