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New Chorley Incredibabies center opens to rave reviews in week one

A new center specializing in classes for children and babies which has just opened in Chorley has received rave reviews in its first week.

IncrediBabies on Chapel Street offers tailor-made classes for parents / guardians and their babies, toddlers and preschoolers. It also caters for older children and offers half-session sessions for children aged 4 to 8 and private lessons for children aged 5 to 11.

Each class is based on the learning and development of the child and is designed to be fun and engaging for all who attend.

All sessions are planned and moderated by Hannah Heyes, a fully qualified elementary school teacher, who has worked with babies and children from birth to 11 years old for 14 years.

Lights as part of the sensory course at Incredibabies

Hannah has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of all phases of learning.

She has an impressive portfolio of qualifications that includes degrees in Postpartum Depression, Baby Sign Language, Infant Nutrition, Baby Massage, Domestic Violence Awareness, and Child Mental Health and Wellbeing / adults.

This is in addition to protection and first aid training.

Since having her own baby in May, Charlie, who is now 15 months old, Hannah has wanted to focus and build on her personal life.

After nine years of teaching at a primary school in Bolton, she went on maternity leave two months after the first UK lockdown in March 2020 and started thinking about a career change.

However, she knew she still wanted to teach and work with children.

Hannah Heyes with her 15 month old baby Charlie at Incredibabies
Hannah Heyes with her 15 month old baby Charlie at Incredibabies

Hannah told LancsLive: “The lockdown happened and I was very pregnant with my baby boy. My partner was still able to work and I was on my own with no classes available for me.

“I didn’t have any medical visitors who could come and visit me, so I did a lot of research.

“I started looking to start my own independent business and plan infant, toddler and preschool classes for the local community.

“New moms need support and I felt, especially in Chorley, that there wasn’t much to choose from and they had to go to Leyland / Preston or Horwich / Bolton.

“I discussed all of this with my partner and my parents and decided to go.”

Hannah found a suitable property in the heart of downtown Chorley, which was once a blind store.

Throughout the six weeks of summer vacation, she worked hard to give the building a makeover and started planning her classes.

These are now offered at Incredibabies which was opened by local MP Sir Lindsay Hoyle and Mayor Steve Holgate on Saturday 4th September.

Incredibabies was opened by Local MP Sir Lindsay Hoyle and Mayor Steve Holgate on Saturday September 4th.
Incredibabies was opened by Local MP Sir Lindsay Hoyle and Mayor Steve Holgate on Saturday September 4th.

The courses offered for babies / toddlers / preschoolers are IncrediExplorers, Baby Massage, Early Reading, Early Maths and Messy Play.

IncrediExplorers is a class for babies from birth to 12 months. Each week at least one of the senses is explored in different creative ways that are both fun and engaging for the baby and parent / guardian.

Baby Massage is a class for babies from birth intended for the moment just before they start to crawl. Each week, different massage techniques are taught which are soothing, calming and relaxing for the parent / caregiver and baby, thus promoting their natural bond.

Messy game the classes are for babies who can sit up to 4 years old. Classes are fun, messy, and allow babies and children to explore many new textures with new material explored each week.

Baby likes to mess around in a messy classroom
Baby likes to mess around in a messy classroom

Educational courses are also offered for children aged 5 to 11, such as private lessons on a wide range of subjects and craft sessions are offered during school holidays for 4-8 year olds.

Classes were designed around Hannah’s own experiences and needs, which she identified both during her career and as a mom.

She said: “The baby massage class I really wanted to do because after Charlie was born I sometimes had a hard time calming Charlie down due to a persistent health problem. Baby massage is a really effective and nice way to calm babies. I wanted to be able to offer these techniques to new mothers. It’s also a very nice and natural way to bond with your baby.

“I had attended a few sensory classes before and had so many new ideas I thought I could add, which is why I decided to create my own. The messy play class is so much fun and it is there that parents / guardians can bring their kids and just create a mess that they don’t have to clean up! “

Mom and baby enjoy a sensory lesson
Mom and baby enjoying a sensory lesson

“I decided to use my teaching experience to create private lessons for older children and provide them with something to do while on vacation.

“It’s almost Halloween, so there will be a lot of activities around that and also Christmas themed activities in December.

Incredibabies is only open for a week and has already received rave reviews.

A mom who attended a baby massage class said: “It was fantastic. The setting is beautifully decorated, calm and just perfect for the purpose.

“Hannah is so professional and welcoming. All the mothers felt very comfortable and were able to chat with each other as there were not too many classes.”

Another who attended a messy play class said: “A great place for your babies and toddlers to meet other people, learn and explore different things.

“My daughter and I enjoyed a great song, story time, and a very messy exploration of different barnyard-themed edibles, showing her different animals and teaching her different animal sounds.”

Another added: “I can’t recommend booking a class at Incredibabies highly enough! Hannah is absolutely fantastic and so reassuring.”

The Incredibabies Open House, Chorley on Saturday September 4th
The Incredibabies Open House, Chorley on Saturday September 4th

Hannah has been delighted with the positive reviews so far. She added, “I love the reviews the amazing parents and caregivers have left so far. I always make sure to recognize everyone, even if it’s just a ‘How are you? Do you have plans for the weekend? “I interact with everyone because we have a lot of dads and grandparents who come too.

“I was a little worried if I could do all of this since it’s just me. However, I’m a pretty determined person and I’m a list person so I make sure everything is organized and correct.

“I’m also a little worried sometimes so I make sure I cover everything. That’s why I’ve educated myself so much that I want all parents, guardians and grandparents to know that when they come here they are. in safe hands and they receive good advice. “

To learn more about Incredibabies, please visit the website here.

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