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New District Governor for the Lions District – News from the region

DG Robin Parker with her paint Vibrant Splashes and Vigorous Growth

ROBIN Parker is the new Lions District Governor for 201N1, a district that includes the Nambucca Valley Lions clubs.

It’s a busy role that Ms. Parker enjoys.

The new district governor is originally from Victoria and grew up in West Gippsland, 100 km southeast of Melbourne.

Since leaving West Gippsland, Ms. Parker has “moved a bit”.

“I was in Alice Springs, I moved to Sydney, then to Valla.

“I then moved to Alstonville NSW where I am now.”

Ms. Parker now brings her experience to the office of district governor while still belonging to the Maclean Lions Club.

The district governor visits 65 Lions clubs across the district during the year.

“I have to cover a large area.

“The longest route is from Alstonville to Collarenebri.”

Bill Shepherd, the current secretary of Lions club Nambucca Heads, previously served as district governor.

Mr Shepherd told News Of The Area: “Depending on your starting point, it is between 38 and 42,000 km.”

And what’s the point of going all the way to visit clubs across the District?

“I visit all the clubs to see how they operate and it is almost an accreditation to see that they are performing their duties as a Lions club.

“Each club is different, but we follow American guidelines, the Lions Club International (LCI).

“I aim to guide them and help them carry out their duties,” Ms. Parker said.

The road to becoming a district governor (DG) is long.

A candidate starts first as 2nd Vice DG for one year, then moves on to 1st Vice DG for the second year, before finally assuming the role of DG.

Ms. Parker said, “The role is voted on by the members of the district, by the delegates from each club.”

The CEO role is one year, and Mr. Sheperd said, “You can’t do it for more than a year, that’s a big commitment.

“It ends up being a total of 4 years work.”

“For the first 2.5 years, you go through extensive training.

“A lot of work is on the computer, a lot of work while traveling and abroad.”

Traveling abroad for such an important role seems like a bonus, but Covid-19 has put travel plans on hold for now.

There are 972 GMs in the world for the Lions Club, including 19 in Australia.

The theme chosen by Ms. Parker for her tenure as District Governor is “Vibrant Splashes and Vigorous Growth, Representing Change”.

As an artist, Ms. Parker portrayed this in her painting “Vibrant Splashes, Vigorous Growth”.

The green in the artwork represents growth, with the red splashes representing new ideas developed by the clubs.
“I want to help clubs put new ideas into practice.

“To help them plant them and watch them grow. “

“Every club is different, and those ideas change depending on which club I’m talking to. “


GM Robin Parker exchanging banners with Nambucca Heads President Rod Snart.