Interaction with learners

New school relieves Burgersfort

With the increase in the number of children enrolled in private schools, the local community needed another school
in the city. Hiqmah Junior Academy has opened in Burgersfort.

The school’s motto is “Walk with Light”. The students will be easily spotted around town in their blue, khaki and white uniforms.

The new school is a huge relief for other schools and communities. Most schools are overcrowded and some
the children cannot find places, which makes this new school crucial.

Students of the Hiqmah Junior Academy.

The preparatory school currently offers classes from RR to ninth grade. The school plans to offer more classes in future years.

The school has large classrooms, which allows a clear interaction between the educator and the learners and also the respect of the current Covid-19 regulations.

The school management said they aim to help children from all corners of Tubatse, even areas where English is rarely spoken.

They pointed out that there was a strong demand for quality education in Burgersfort due to the development in the
field and stressed that children should have a solid foundation from R.

Hiqmah is committed to providing quality education as well as protection to its learners. Registrations for 2022 are still open at the school. For more information, contact the school on 074 877 6471 or by e-mail [email protected]

Hiqmah Junior Academy is located at the corner of Primula and Toro streets in Aloe Ridge West.