Newroz, herald of spring, enthusiastically welcomed in Eskişehir

Newroz, herald of spring, enthusiastically welcomed in Eskişehir

Nowruz festival, which is accepted as the harbinger of spring and celebrated in a wide geography ranging from Central Asia to the Balkans, was celebrated in Eskişehir, organized by our university. Eskişehir Governor Erol Ayyıldız, Eskişehir MPs, Prof. Dr. Nabi Avci, Prof. Dr. Emine Nur Günay, our Rector Prof. Dr. Fuat Erdal and many students and citizens participated.

Rector Erdal: “I sincerely congratulate all those who carry in their hearts the joy of the culture of abundance and sharing”

In the opening speech of Nevruz Toy, our Rector Prof. Dr. Fuat Erdal said that Nevruz Festival is enthusiastically celebrated in a vast geography from Central Asia to the Balkans, as one of the rich values cultures of our civilization. Erdal also said that the Nevruz festival, which means a new day, has been celebrated with great enthusiasm in almost all parts of the Turkish world for years as the arrival of spring, unity, solidarity , brotherhood, abundance and fertility in the history of Turkish culture. . Expressing that Anadolu University’s mission is to be the university of the Turkish world and all sister geographies, our Rector, Prof. Dr. Fuat Erdal said, “I hope the atmosphere of peace and brotherhood will germinate again in the spirit of Nowruz in all geographies, far and near, as in our country. On this occasion, I sincerely congratulate all those who carry in their hearts the joy of the culture of abundance and sharing. noted.

Governor Ayyıldız: “Nowruz culture, which symbolizes rebirth, will also flow with the next generations”

Noting that Nevruz has always been celebrated with enthusiasm from yesterday to today, Governor Erol Ayyıldız continued his remarks: “Nevruz is one of our important riches which reflects the values ​​and diversity of our rich culture, strengthens our national and cultural ties with the fraternal Turkish Republics, which we celebrate with great enthusiasm from yesterday to today and which we are determined to carry into the future. with future generations. I sincerely congratulate everyone on Nowruz, wishing Nowruz will further strengthen our unity, solidarity and brotherhood. used the sentences.

teacher. Dr. Avcı: “We celebrate Nowruz with a different enthusiasm in Eskişehir”

Affirming that Nevruz is celebrated with different enthusiasm in Eskişehir, Eskişehir Assistant Professor Dr. Nabi Avcı said, “Today Nevruz is celebrated throughout Turan region. But in Eskişehir we also celebrate Nowruz with a different enthusiasm. Because, as you know, Eskişehir is the cultural capital of the Turkish world. Our young friends, especially our university students from outside Eskişehir, should both visit these places themselves and show them to their families and countrymen. noted.

After the opening speeches, the Assoc. Dr. Zülfikar Bayraktar gave a presentation titled “The Importance of Nevruz in the Turkish World”.

In the program that continued with the opening of the exhibition entitled “Nowruz in Ottoman archival documents”, the Association of Azerbaijanis of Eskişehir offered sperm, candied and dyed eggs to the participants according to the customs of Nevruz. After the representative seedlings were planted by the Regional Directorate of Forests, Turkmen rice prepared by our University was offered to the participants. The event continued with the tradition of lighting the fire of Nowruz, which is the symbol of the Nowruz festival, and forging an iron on the anvil. Hüdavendigar Sipahileri Kılıç Mubarezesi, folk song concert with Karasaz as part of the tradition of minstrelsy by the Azerbaijani Association, folk dance performance of Azerbaijan, dance performance of the youth folk dance ensemble of the Turkish World Foundation , Dombra concert by Akdeniz Erbaş and Nevruz World Festival at the end of Forestry Directorate. 1500 plants were distributed to participants.