Nigeria: Singer Swazzi enthusiastically explores fashion

Okolo Miracle Obiechina, the singer turned fashion designer, has found his footing by exploring both music and fashion.

Popularly known as “Swazzi”, the founder of TheLifestyleLagos, a fashion style brand, established in January 2021, is multi-talented.

Obiechina, who started as a musical artist earlier in life, did so many other things after that, but has recently developed a strong passion for fashion.

On what his recent foray into fashion looks like, the singer, songwriter, model, actor, fashion consultant and fashion entrepreneur with a bachelor’s degree in accounting said, “I design outfits for clients, I work with fashion brands to create a masterpiece for clients, sometimes I draw and send to them and I also coordinate photo shoots for brands and clients.”

Speaking in more detail about his irresistible passion for fashion, he said, “For me, fashion is an art, it’s a lifestyle, it helps me express my emotions and also allows me to synchronize with my creativity.

“Every time I engage in something fashionable, it gives peace. I find it very therapeutic. As a kid, I always embraced fashion.”

The name Swazzi, he said, was coined from “Swag boy”, which he revealed was a name he fondly called during his high school days because of his taste for high fashion.

“It goes without saying that I take pleasure in looking my best and making others look their best too. Fashion and I are still friends,” said the fashion enthusiast, wardrobe consultant /image which has been in the business for about a year.

Speaking about the progress made so far in his business in a year, challenges and plans, Obiechina noted, “Like in any other career, there have been hurdles to overcome.

“My first major style was for the music video ‘Thunder Fire You’ by famous singer Ric Hassani. Then we had WAJE, Harrysong, Simi, Nini from BBNaija, Kaffy the dance boss, Calema (Portugal), Jaypaul and many other artists all believed in my creative spirit and the brand.”

“We had well over 100 clients in our first year and I am so grateful to all of them and especially to God for giving me this distinct talent,” he added.

Being a fashion entrepreneur, for him, has not been an easy journey, but before he started styling other people’s hair, he was in the fashion business for some time, modeling for Nigeria and brands. international organizations and influencing them.

“Most of the time I style my music videos. So it was easy for me because I’ve always been in the industry,” he noted.

The first child of six, born into the family of Mr and Mrs Okolo, the native of Enugu State attended Enugu State College of Education, where he studied accounting.

Her advice to anyone wanting to get into the fashion world: “Take your time, don’t rush, never doubt your first instinct and always make sure your clients are happy with what you’re doing for them. .”