Duties and functions

Operations Supervisor Job – Winona Area Ambulance Service, Inc.

Job overview:

The EMS Operations Supervisor will serve as the leader responsible for the day-to-day operations for WAAS. Will help manage the day-to-day operations of the department and assume the duties and responsibilities of the Operations Manager in his or her absence when assigned. The operations supervisor reports directly to the operations manager. The operations supervisor will be responsible for responding as a member of an assigned ambulance team as needed during the emergency response (emergency response is defined as follows: available personnel are not responding adequately to service request or basic staffing requirements). Hours are generally Monday through Friday (daytime hours), but the position offers flexibility and may require work on weekends, holidays, and evenings / nights as noted to support special events or a response to surges.

Essential tasks and responsibilities

To perform this job successfully, a person must be able to perform each essential task satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations can be made to enable people with disabilities to perform essential functions. This list of essential functions is not exhaustive and can be supplemented if necessary.

  1. Assists in the day-to-day monitoring of operations ensuring high workforce morale, service quality and clinical performance.

  2. The assignment requires that part of the position be a functional part of the ambulance team, depending on staffing levels.

  3. Participate in the implementation and maintenance of quality benchmark reports and analyzes.

  4. Supervision of clinical equipment and supplies. Ensures good maintenance and efficient purchasing practices of inventory and supply.

  5. Supervision of vehicle and building maintenance and coordination of services and repairs

  6. Participates in recruiting, interviews and oversees the orientation of new employees provided by field training officers.

  7. Manage the QA / IQ program based on daily review of service calls and feedback from the Director of Operations and Medical Director.

  8. Manage emergency vehicle training for all staff. Plans and directs additional training as needed.

  9. Provide on-site assistance as needed and upon request to ensure responsive field operations and interactions with internal and external stakeholders.

  10. Assists in developing and adheres to written policies and procedures necessary to support all day-to-day WAAS operations.

  11. Maintain positive behaviors to support WAAS and lead by example. Identifies priorities and executes plans accordingly. Contributes to the proper functioning and functioning of the service.

  12. Participates in the coordination and oversight of the development and implementation of the clinical staff training initiative and ongoing programs.

  13. Overseeing special projects and initiatives assigned by the Director of Operations and the Medical Director.

  14. Help maintain a financially responsible budget.

  15. Manages the workload ethically and in accordance with federal, state and local laws and in accordance with the mission and values ​​of Winona Area Ambulance Service, Inc.

  16. Assist in the planning, organization and direction of operations to ensure operational readiness and competence. Ensures the public relations schedule, including staffing for special events, is maintained and verifies full staffing on all shifts.

  17. Provides on-call administrator duties shared with the COO on a rolling 24/7/365 schedule.

Qualities for hiring:

• 4 to 6 years of progressive experience as a paramedic with a versatile experience in customer service. Must maintain certifications and license to practice paramedics.

• Minimum 2 years of supervisory experience preferred.

• Ability to meet deadlines and manage multiple tasks. • Associate degree preferred.

• Working knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

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